Decorating with Shabby Chic Furniture

Why should you use Shabby Chic as your theme?

Homes Direct 365`s staff have a lot of our own furniture at home, having it available at the office makes for some very well informed furniture selections for home. We love the look and design of our stock, being partly biased its so unique it just stands out.

The design elements of shabby chic speak volumes in terms of character, style and design. The words shabby chic couture have been said in tandem and I think it adds more to the term. When someone says couture I immediately associate the word with high tea and fancy dresses and style lots of style, so using shabby chic couture as a phrase resonates with me.

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Estelle Antique French Style Bed

I like to think that the history of the furniture goes back a long way, each item has its own story and some are shown in the patterns and shown where parts are worn away. Even if the furniture is a reasonably new piece it still presents as if it has been in use for many years with the rustic appearance and mismatched fit with the other designs.

We have had customers come to the store and instantly fall in love with the designs, they associate the furniture with a time and place. I can see why when you look at some of the designs you can really be transported back to a holiday destination in Paris or the time you stayed at the Monte Carlo. It does happen people come and view the furniture and you can see them being taken back to a moment when they were somewhere special and the design has inspired that memory so they buy it for the associated memory.



Estelle Antique Style Dressing Table Set


History rich furniture designed to showcase the moods of the designer. Hearing the term shabby chic you may think the 60;s and 70;s bright flower design prints and long blonde hair. History rich natural textures cover the materials used to create the furniture. associating the piece with a time and place and not with an industrial collection of furniture with fancy paint designs.

Using shabby chic for your design interior and exterior you can assemble any collection style you associate with, the gift of shabby chic is it is about your feelings and how you interpret the design. Feeling like you want to travel create a room inspired by the ambience of a Scottish cottage or an Belgian bordeaux. Allow yourself some time to visualise your surroundings and reflect on uplifting surroundings.

Shabby chic dressing tables are one of the most beautiful peice you could possibly add to your home, but we tend to get confused as to where we should place the dressing table set, if you’re just like the rest us and you’re not quite sure of the optimal place to put your set check out the Where to Place a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom from



England Farmhouse Shabby Chic Collection

New England Shabby Chic Display Cabinet


HD365`s shabby chic range takes inspiration from simplicity, style and history, shabby chic has a place of its own among popular designs. So popular that furniture giant IKEA has recently started rolling out more and more shabby chic inspired furniture, we think they see the market for a specific need when it comes to unique history rich furniture and the shabby chic style is in demand.


Taking all of this into consideration, is shabby chic furniture for you? only you can say. Standard modern decor has its place but can your furniture be more than just a generic item that you use and why not something that you can enjoy using.

Here are a few videos of some of the items from our range:

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England Farmhouse Shabby Chic Collection

New England Shabby Chic Chest


Duck Egg Blue Shabby Chic Collection

Duck Egg Shabby Chic Display Cabinet

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