Elaborate Furniture Depicting Lower Swags, Garlands & Cherubs

People are always on the lookout for new items to include in their home interiors, especially if they have just moved into a new home, well ironically, the new trend is to go for old looking furniture.

Shabby chic furniture is now in demand. The craze of the antique styled furniture has reached the next level.  A worn out look is created and is getting very popular. Experimentation with furniture has attracted people towards new ideas and designs.  The shabby chic decor originated in Great Britain in the post war era. Due to limited resources, mending and decorating the old furniture in to a new style, came into existence.


French Furniture Is The Best To Give A shabby Chic Look

The French furniture is ideal for the shabby chic style of decorating. Due to its unique and royal design, it perfectly gives the old and antique look. The French style is so timeless that the shabby chic effect could be achieved quite precisely. Normally they are painted in white, sometimes neutral shades like beige, pale and pink. They are purposely distressed from the edges to give a worn out look. The style of the French furniture compliments the shabby chic look.

This type of furniture has floral patterns and garlands carved on them. The Rosso bed of French styled furniture is very popular to enhance the shabby chic decor.


Rococo antique style french style bed



French style sleigh bed


Bedroom Decor

Aged beds are the main ingredient to the shabby chic bedroom. Antique beds can do justice to this purpose. Their worn out look, rough corners, faded paints and pale color will depict the desired results.


Kitchen Interior

Believe it or not, the most desirable shabby chic look can be achieved in kitchen interiors. Cabinets with rough and ruffled paints, unpolished wooden panels, and aged furniture give the kitchen a real old look. With modern appliances and antique styled furniture, the kitchen is the ideal display area for shabby chic decor.  Add a custom made table and chairs with a rough white paint in the centre of the kitchen, and the look is complete.


New England shabby chic kitchen unit


Country farmhouse antique kitchen server


Bathroom Design

Vintage styled bath tubs, chandeliers, worn out basins and aged mirrors can give an exclusive shabby chic look to your bathrooms. Rusty and old candle stands also add more to the antiquity of your bathrooms.  A blend of modern and distressed accessories could massively change the way your bathroom looks.




Interesting Idea For Living Rooms

To give your living rooms a shabby chic look, a centre table is crucial. A distressed and worn out coffee table is a point of attention for everyone. Discoloured and old shutters could change the living rooms. A floral framed mirror with rough edges and faded colour will also increase the shabbiness of the living room.


Antique french style tv cabinet


Hallway Furniture

An aged door could change the entire look of the hallway of a home. Antique white washed shelves and old wooden wall hangings with flowers carved on them, can give the home the ultimate shabby chic look.


Garden Furniture

Garden decor cannot be underestimated. In fact it is the most important area of any house, if it has one. Old floral patterned benches could give the real shabby chic look to a garden. Aged chairs and distressed tables can also do the trick. For your vines and plants, you can always use wooden pillars that have rough paints on them.

Even if there isn’t enough area for a garden, an old painting could be hanged on the main entrance to display the shabby chic look. A wooden worn out pot stand at the entrance will look great.

Antique french garden companion seats


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