Items for Shabby Chic Style Interior Design


A shabby chic style is considered by many people as the items incorporated to achieve this style are not only intended for good appeal but for everyday use. This type of style is actually done with the highlight on utility items adding up glamour and brightness to your interior design.

There are several items for shabby chic style that can be a part of your home’s interior design. If you are not aware of them, here is the list of some of the valued items for shabby chic style interior design at home:

Fabrics and Bedding

Sheets, duvets, shams, bed skirts and pillowcases are an essential part of shabby chic collections. These items give you an opportunity of choosing the best for your interior design. This way, it will be turned out to be bespoke or monogrammed.  Each of these items can be incorporated in different styles just like the pillows that will come in Venetian and damask styles.


Bathing accessories, sleepwear and towels can also be done in several styles. Nighties and robes are also available in soft fabrics.

Aluminium freestanding bath  @ Homes Direct 365



There is also shabby chic style furniture that can be placed in your dining room, living room or bedroom area. Furniture with shabby chic style can be covered in white and soft pink colors. This is due to the reason that these colors are a hallmark of those styles.  Dining tables, settees, chairs, chaise lounges and beds are also available.


If you want to enhance the interior design of your house, you can make use of shabby chic style lighting. You can have shabby chic candles, chandeliers, shades, and lamps that are blended with your interior design with white and pink finishing.

Burlap and lace are the common materials used in lampshades. These usually come in square, scallop and round shapes. Chandeliers are also found in their feather light, Penelope, petite, simple, and pirouette and crown design.

Twelve Light Antique French Style Princess Pendant @ Homes Direct 365



Shabby chic style in the interior part of the house gives emphasis to accessories like throws, rugs, artwork, accents and mirrors.  There are different types of designs that are also suited to these items. These also complement well to the interior design of a house. You may as well have a mirror at its long, Kendall and liberty design. The predominant colors for all interior décor designs are white, pastel, ecra and soft pink.

Vintage Items

When you want an interior design with a shabby chic style with vintage items, you can always have it. These are some decorative items that emphasize a vintage feel. Fine china utensil, prom dresses, vintage furniture and lamps.

Vintage Hessian Shelving Unit @ Homes Direct 365


So, what else are you waiting for?  Don’t miss out the chance to incorporate an interior design on your house some of these shabby chic style items.

Shabby chic styled items are also very pleasing to your eye.  This will give you the assurance that the interior part of your house will be very pleasing, interesting and creative to look at.

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