Mirrored Furniture A Reflection Of Your Personality

Homes Direct 365`s Mirrored furniture, seemingly the most narcissistic item of the home, second after the actual mirror, its functions are multi-layered, and its purpose little to do with that of a personal mirror.



What comes as a great surprise to many people is the way in which it reflects the initials spaciousness in a room through amplifying the light and colours found throughout the room. In a space not blessed with a considerable amount of windows, a piece of mirrored furniture will work with what you’ve got and reflect the light coming from whatever facility available, in such a way that one window can become two, through a mirrored reflection.






Let the magic happen through a simple living room table, a small bed room cabinet, a dresser or even a room divider. A mirrored furniture item takes one back to the aesthetics of the southern regions of Europe, where it originates from, as a regularly featuring piece in an abode of the Roman empire. It would be custom to adorn a piece with mosaic squares of bright Mediterranean colours, something that is seen more and more, as a fun and bold addition to the mirrored pieces available in well-assorted shops.





The classic mirrored dressing table takes one back to the epoch of romanticism, where the sensual image of the Jane Austin like woman who sits lingering by her table, braiding her hair or removing the days make up, and on the mirrored table arranging all the beautiful little boxes of gold and silver containing, powder, jewellery, pearls and in some cases rose perfume, standing all amidst a bouquet of wild roses given to her by a secret lover. The mirrored piece reflects a classic femininity, found in great literature so far. Simultaneously this phenomenon has a very modern allure in the way in which it can combine the old and the new.






A minimalist monochrome and strictly symmetrical item can be united with a mirrored surface and in such a way enhance the robotic as if to say, digital era we inhabit at once echoing a distant memory of the past. Don’t be afraid of adding the slick reflection of times past to a a simple IKEA table. As a result of contemporary architecture we tend to see more and more, how end of single buildings meet the brutalist explosion that is the hallmark of the 20th and 21st century in a carnival of anachronism.






Why not reflect it on a personal scale, in your bedroom or living room? The mirrored item of furniture works on many levels, as you might enjoy the warm milieu of the adriatic coast, far from the symmetry of europe a blend of a cream coloured wooden chest of drawers layered with a mirrored surface and you will find yourself on Isadora Duncan’s favourite spot, the Mediterranean island of Opatja on the coast of Croatia. The world is your room, let it take you where you thrive and your living space the best reflection of you so far.


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