Shabby Chic Furniture – How To Turn Your Home into a Cozy Place

One of the crazes that are taking the world by storm is shabby chic furniture which Homes Direct365 are proud to be a part of. Fans of the contemporary look are taking to shabby chic like ducks take to water. When visiting a home that has this kind of look you will immediately feel at ease and welcome. The concept embraces mixing old tatty furniture and accessories with new furniture and the results are quite spectacular. Take shiny silver and blend it with vintage lacing and you will get a look in the home that is to die beautifully warm and inviting.

Find some examples here:




Rachel Ashwell started this new style way back in 1989. She got the idea when she was selling refurbished furniture that she bought from the flea market. She sold this along with washable slipcovers from the boutique she owned in California. Today, decorators around the world have annexed this contemporary style and homeowners worldwide now have this kind of look in their homes.

Here are some throws and cushions :



Contemporary look is created out of second hand furniture. Sanding and repainting furniture is part of the process of creating shabby chic furniture. For this look to be effective, one would use light pale colours. Pastels are very popular with this furniture and decorations. Sometimes light shades of blue, green and pink will work quite nicely. The best type of furniture to use would be plain, minimal and intricate. Stick to this for best results.

Here are some pastel coloured beds –


Unlike with other paint jobs, you do not need to sand right through the previous paint layer. Only the parts that look best painted fully in the new colour are sanded through. Once the sanding is completed, the item of furniture is painted in the new colour.

The colour scheme is quite different to conventional decorating. The colours are softer, faded and pale. Checks, stripes, and floral go a long way in making the home appear inviting to visitors. It is less complicated to use one colour and then use different fabrics with this in the same colour.

Be creative with your use of furniture. The idea is to choose selected items of furniture to use for a reason other than its intended use. Refinished wooden boxes could be used as tables to stack books, photographs or flowers or similar displays. A straight-backed whitewashed chair with a round seat could be put in a corner of a room with a shiny vase with fresh flowers on the seat.

Here is a good example of a shabby chic item used for another purpose:



Old doors, wrought iron gates or wooden tabletops could form the headboard in your bedroom. Floral fabrics, gingham, blue chintz could be used to decorate the material used for the headboard.

If you cannot afford to upholster the entire sofa then make slipcovers with floral to cover the sofa. Decorate the walls with antique looking paintings that are of flowers, fruit or landscapes. Buy some antique picture frames for the family photographs. The wooden table that you made out of the wooden box is where you could put family photographs and or flowers in a vase. Wrought iron garden furniture can be placed in the living room.

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Here is a range of accessories for dressing up your french style shabby chic rooms:

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