Unique Modern Mirrored Furniture Ideas

Homes are incomplete without appealing and decent furniture. Modern day home decor is nothing like the old days. Everyone wants their homes to look beautiful and different. Innovative interior designs are getting popular every day. People are always looking for new ideas for their home interiors.

Mirrored furniture is currently one of the bestselling products. Past is the time when only dressers needed mirrors, today mirrored furniture can change the way your home looks, be it your bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and even kitchens. These ideas are so irresistible, that one always end up getting something new to enhance their interior designs.

Wall & Freestanding Mirrors


Wall mirrors are never out of fashion. It gives your home a very sophisticated look. These mirrors are found in different varieties. There are mirrors with embellishments, wooden and metal frames as well as freestanding floor mirrors. Such mirrors could entirely turn around the look of your staircases and halls, even your living rooms and bedrooms.




Mirrored Bedroom  Furniture


Bedrooms are very close to our heart. Mirrored furniture could depict a very glamorous look of your bedrooms. Curved, tinted and coloured mirrors give a refreshing and new way to your dressers, drawers and wardrobes. Mirrored bedside cabinets are also one of the most freshest and impressive ideas when it comes to designing the interior of your bedrooms.




Coffee Tables


Coffee tables could impress your guests and be a true display of your aesthetic sense. Well, there are coffee tables that have floral patterns and prints, which could certainly add a glitter to your home.

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, there are mirrored cocktail tables in the market as well. Serve whatever you like, but your furniture will be remarkable.




TV Stands


Your relatives and close friends might like to spend most of your time in your TV lounge. Especially those with kids prefer staying wherever there’s TV. Good news is, TV stands are now innovative and trendy. Tinted and plain mirrored TV stands look very sleek and stylish in your homes.




Dining Tables

Mirrored dining tables are definitely not new, yet there are tables with new designs. There are even chairs with mirrored backs. Tinted dining sets with wooden panels are quite in the trend these days.

Vintage Furniture

Mirrored vintage furniture is very desirable. It gives a classy look to your interior design. Hollywood movies have depicted such furniture in some of the most classic masterpieces. And we all get tempted when we see something on the silver screen.

Mirrored Chests


If you have a liking for antique styled furniture, you’re surely a chest lover. Newly designed mirrored chests not only look shiny but also gorgeous. They are found in many colors but a silvery, shiny and glowing chest is hard to ignore.



Mirrored Deco Furniture

Deco furniture is also available in mirrored style. If you find it hard to let go your love for deco, don’t worry. You can have what you love and also in a more stylish way.

Mirrored Dressing Tables

One thing that can beautify you home interior is the beauty table itself. Mirrored dressing tables have been experimented the most, and the results are stunning. Choose the one that best describes your style statement.

And don’t forget, before purchasing, consider the space you have in your bedroom area. Will it work? Will it match? and most importantly, where are you going to place it? If any of these questions scare you, check out our Where to Place a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom for them to be all anwsered.

Mirrored Bookcases, Bookshelves


Book lovers can now add a new touch to their home decor. A glass bookshelf will be the most inspiring addition to your interior design. Your study will look a lot better with a mirrored bookcase.

Well, that’s not all. There’s always a new idea when it comes to home decor. Nightstands, wall hangings, candle stands and other decorative furniture could ornate your home. You can’t have a glass house but you definitely can make the interior very mirror like.



Hiring Mirrored Furniture For Events & Parties

Some people do not want to spend a great deal on their home furniture and often lean towards the cheaper flat pack market which is fine and some like to splash out. We have seen a few companies popping up that hire out expensive furniture for events and parties which is a great idea although unfortunately not something that we ourselves do. The guys FHP Event Specialists were amongst the first we seen – actually it was the Homes Direct 365 Director who seen them whilst on holiday in Pretoria.

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