What is it that we love about the French

What is it that we love about the French? Why is it that we associate them with sensual allure, subtle hints of a story not yet told in its entirety? When I was young and for the first time ever heard the song “Je taime moi non plus” I thought to myself; “God, .. life must hold within itself such a riddle that a lifetime simply wouldn’t be enough to solve it” Such was the pontifications of a mere child, but now a fully grown adult, I still wonder..

The style of design simply referred to as; “French Furniture” is very much like the concept we as children got an inkling of but never investigated further, – but after rummaging through several books on the topic, was revealed an entire world of modernised baroque. The voluptuous patterns and shapes of table legs, door handles, bed frames and mirror shapes speaks of something far more decadent than the anglophone culture and aesthetics exemplifies.


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Rather than the straight autocratic symmetry of northern Europe, we, when it comes to French sensitivity have come to familiarise ourselves with the less straight forward, more lyrical and lavishly extravagant sense for the finer things in life so far. The style of design that I’m describing has obviously gone through a metamorphosis since the era of the Baroque. We can now, indeed find straighter lines in the design of for example a chest of drawers, or a chair, or table, – but what is done to bring it back to its origins is often a swift touch of pale pink, or washed out green, a mirrored surface or adorn the item with a white vase filled with a bunch of fresh,a yellow tulips. What the French understand is casual chic so far.


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Their aesthetics is not bothered with long proclamations of your sense of tidiness and expensive taste, but rather stresses your awareness of the constantly fluid, the always in motion and interchangeable quality of life, – in their eye for interior design lie the passion for, art, literature, music and philosophy and so the French home becomes a complete artwork, meeting in a harmonious blend gently stroking all your sensibilities, together come, sound, colour and pattern to a point where you can almost sense a flavour, – that much of a sensual experience is the French design know as, French Furniture.


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Getting the French look is as casual as it is tricky to get, just right. For a first time french I’d recommend to begin the adventure by purchasing a simple dressing table, put it in your bedroom and give it your spirit through letting your jewellery casually rest on its surface, – forget the neatly tucked away style of the anglophone, allow some extravagance to shine through the blinds and let the cold winter sun kiss your pearls with a ray of silent northern light so far.

All in all, what the French value is your sense of the casual chic, – your way of combining the lavish with the everyday. The extravagance of everyday, the French way.

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