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The French are a very creative group of people, not just with art and food but with their furniture as well. Their furniture, particularly their bedroom furniture is always been beautifully designed and very creative. The only drawback that I have found is that if you wish to have this beauty in your bedroom you better be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. This furniture can range in the thousands of pounds. That is just for one piece in the bedroom. It would be easy to spend six figures for an entire set of French bedroom furniture.

From the Homes Direct 365 Silver Beds French Furniture Range

Silver Estelle Antique French Style Bed


Silver Rattan Antique French Style Bed


Bedroom furniture made by the French isn’t the only French furniture that is pretty steep in price. All types of furniture whether it be tables and lamps to statues and ottomans and even pillows can range in the thousands of pounds range – but not with “Homes Direct 365”.

The French have gone through many styles over the years and has a rich history. All throughout the different time periods from the Middle Ages in the 10th to the 15th century’s all the way to current times with the country French style and way of life. Bring together a theme of beauty and style in a room of your home with this stunning Cushion. This cushion is a perfect way to accent existing furniture or to compliment a complete overhaul and start fresh.

From the “Homes Direct 365” Cushions & Throws Range

Braided Wave Cushion


Square Cushion Silver Velvet


From the “Homes direct 365” French Lighting Range

3 Branch Small Gold Antique French Style Chandelier


8 Branch Copper/Rose Gold Antique French Style Chandelier



Back during Louis XV time, the typical furniture didn’t contain any straight lines. It had curved lines all throughout each piece. Straight lines weren’t used until Louis XVI came to power. The furniture became simpler in design.

Sleigh furniture was originally known as “Lit bateaux”. Sleigh beds resembled horse-drawn sleighs. These beds came in all different sizes. Those sizes were single beds, double beds, king size and queen size. This furniture became popular during the 18th century by Louis Philippe.

This type of furniture was originally owned by the upper class due to the expensiveness of them. This also became popular all throughout Europe and America. It was once made strictly wood. Today it can be made of iron, steel, aluminium, leather, and upholstery.

From the “Homes Direct 365” Natural Wood Beds Range

Sleigh Antique French Style Bed


Montpellier Blanc Sleigh Antique French Style Bed


The French furniture used to be sold individually until the industrial revolution. During this time they began selling them as sets due to the demand. More people wanted whole sets of furniture, not just individual pieces.

I know that if I were to go for a French bedroom this is how I would love to see it, as a complete set. Not just an individual piece. It makes more sense this way. Unless you don’t have a lot of money to spend and can only get your furniture in mixed up pieces.

The sad thing that people see here is that for the poor and lower middle-class people out there the thought of having a beautiful French bedroom set or even a dinning set or a living-room set. It will have to be only in our dreams. Because of this type of furniture, well it is just out of our pay range – but not with “Homes Direct 365”.

From the “Homes Direct 365” Baroque Gold Leaf Range

Baroque Gold Leaf Bundle Deal #1





People understand to a point why the furniture is so expensive, though. This furniture looks from what I have seen through my research, that it is made to last. If you take good care of it can last for a very long time. Which this can in the long run cut down a little on the expense of replacing damaged or inferior furniture.


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