Do You Use Mirrors For Selfies

From rooms, staircases and lobbies in illustrious castles to today’s rooms and halls in lofts, mirrors have dependably put a touch of enchantment to the decor of our homes. Mirrors have always been connected with good fortunes and well being. You ought to know where to put the mirror as it influences your life. With the selfie trend going viral, mirror selfies have come out to be the most popular form of selfies, are you one of the selfie enthusiasts who loves taking selfies in front of the mirror? Well, today Homes Direct 365 will be taking you through a guide about different mirrors so that you can choose the best “Selfie” one for yourself.

Distinctive sorts of materials are utilised to make diverse sorts of mirrors. At first, generally silver was utilised to make a mirror however today glass is the most broadly utilised material. The mirror thickness by and large shifts from 3 mm to 6 mm.

1. Divider Mirrors
Divider mirrors are for the most part substantial in size and arrives in an extraordinary assortment. It can be hung or divider mounted by the weight and size of the mirror. You can purchase divider mirrors with casings or without edges. While purchasing frame-less mirrors, kindly bear in mind to check the nature of mirror clasps or sections alongside it. It is critical to think about it as these sections hold the mirror against the divider.  In this way you can give another look to your foyer or an extensive divider by putting a vast divider reflect on it. It is illusive in nature and gives an open look to your room

2. Classical Mirrors
The narrative of antique mirrors began in Italy in the seventeenth Century and it is still in use. There are distinctive sorts of antique mirrors accessible in the Indian market. The impact of the Renaissance craftsmanship and culture can be found in the complicated outlines of the aesthetics of the old fashioned mirrors.  Rococo mirror is a kind of antique mirror which is by and large overwhelming and has carvings. It has a rich look and gives a regal vibe to your room. Another sort of antique mirror is Rococo which likewise has overwhelming carvings however are for the most part flower in plan.


3. Floor standing Mirrors
Put a huge mirror with a wooden casing on the floors of your display against the dividers or just basically put it on the floor in your room. Floor standing mirrors add a touch of shine to your room and make your room elusively look bigger. The wooden edge of the mirror gives a rural look and adds an alternate appeal to the entire space.

4. Dressing Mirrors
Dressing mirrors are the most usually utilised mirror in each family. It is a fundamental need and is an unquestionable requirement in each room or changing area. By and large, a mirror is appended to the dressing table and a couple of drawers for capacity. Today the pattern is to mount a long dressing mirror on the divider. Cutting edge home insides are about keeping it insignificant. Cheval floor mirrors are likewise utilised as dressing mirrors. You can likewise get dressing mirrors with in-fabricated storage room.


5. Freestanding Mirrors
These mirrors stand without much support on a wooden frame or any other material used for the frame. Freestanding mirrors are ideal where there is shortage of space. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily buy them from here according to your taste and style.

6. Fashioned Iron Mirrors
On the off chance that you need to go for some spending inviting alternatives, you can get a mirror with a fashioned iron edge. It is anything but difficult to keep up and light in weight.
In this manner, a mirror is not only a negligible bit of adornment. It upgrades and decorates your home interior and makes space dream. You simply need to choose the correct spot where you need to place it, get the right estimation and just abandon the mirror.


These different sorts of mirrors can fit well into any house. And what better could be snapping a selfie in front of your elegant mirror! You can view our full range of mirrors on the link below, also the Homes Direct 365 full range of mirrored furniture to help fill your home with sunlight.

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