Turn on your fire its been a cold February!

So then, winters here in February it would seem – do you have your front room set out nice and cosy around the fireplace? “Homes Direct 365” have put together a few items that can help accessorise your fireplace and help make that area more traditional and decorative.

This beautiful Antique Cast Iron Log Basket has been made to give an antique used but unique look and creates a wonderful image of the past. You don`t have to have a log-burner to be able to use this item you could just use it store logs for the decorative effect.


Homes Direct 365 Fireplace Surrounds & Accessories Range


You could use this 3 fold black steel firescreen as a decorative piece also although it does also become a necessary item if you have children or pets to help keep the distance from the flames and hot surrounds. Remember the olden days when our mums used to get us changed in front of the fire and hang up our clothes nearby to get them warm? Well lets do the same for this generation.

Homes Direct 365 Fireplace Surrounds & Accessories Range


This firescreen has a wonderful simplistic yet elegant design, made from steel and finished in a stunning brushed black you are sure to be impressed.


Now you can start to add some accessories to your fireplace to give it that unique look, we have a range of companion sets, log baskets and antique buckets in various materials like something you would see in the Beamish museum. Pick a selection and give your fireplace your own personal style.

Homes Direct 365 Fireplace Accessories 

Crafted from iron and containing 4 pieces, this clean set will work wonders brightening up any fireplace area


This marvellous silver fireplace tool set is a ideal option for providing a practical and beautiful fireplace feature.


Finished in a beautiful antique pewter, these scuttles are a perfect way to add both beauty and practicality to your fireplace surrounding.


With it’s exquisite finish, delicate metal work and smooth curves this bucket finished in a antique pewter is sure to impress upon many generations.



With it’s exquisite antique pewter finish, delicate metal work and smooth curves this scuttle is sure to brighten up your home, adding style and aesthetics in abundance.


Right so now you have a few accessories around your fire its time to make it cosy and comfortable around your fireplace. We have a selection of stools and pouffes that can be used for this rather than a sturdy standard chair. You can also add throws and furs to this setup to make it even more cosy and get closer to the fire keeping the harsh heat from your skin and be extra comfy underneath.

Homes Direct 365 Footstools & Pouffe Range

Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material this Big Knit Cable Pouffeis a fantastic must have addition for your home. Beautiful and full of character, the Big Knit Cable Pouffe is a fine example of why our personal human craft over machine made is the high quality you deserve.


now you need something to put your feet up and this expertly hand crafted Chalon footstool in a deep teal, a fantastic must have addition for your home. Beautiful and full of character, this footstool featuring a velvet fabric will provide both a comfortable and stunning addition to your seating.



Crafted from linen and featuring 1 practical drawer. This footstool with natural wooded feet with provide a stunning addition in any room of your home.


Time to accessorise your seating now be it a pouffe, chair or settee a throw or fur piece will add that extra personal touch to the fireplace area and make it extra comfortable when you are lounging around in the home on a cold day.

Homes Direct 365 Cushions & Throws Range



Available in either cream or grey this delightful soft rabbit throw is ideal to brighten up your living space.



So we have listed some of our favourite items to accessorise your fireplace but we do have a lot more on or website in our accessories range. If you don`t have a fireplace installed as some modern homes do not these days why not get a wood burning stove or log burner installed or another fire of your taste – we have a company near us that are experts in this and have installed 1000`s of stoves, the company www.stovesnfitting-uk.com can definitely help you out so give them a buzz.

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