French Style Crushed Velvet Beds Look Better


It is well known that velvet fabrics sport a unique and unusual softness in both appearance and feel. Historically, velvet has often been associated with nobility due to its high cost of production and its luxurious properties. However, in recent trends, velvet is on its way back from plush designer clothing to our homes, giving traditional furnishings a colourful new spin.

In recent months, velvet with its richness of colour and texture made a bold statement among the fashion conscious people. As a result, the new fad of crushed velvet furniture and upholstery is sweeping the scene with its uniqueness and personality. Consequently, velvet has been embraced as part of an eclectic contemporary look, which is seen from the sudden spike in demand for crushed velvet beds.

Here is the Homesdirect365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly

With a stunning Crushed Velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations.



The velvet is a woven tufted fabric, with cut threads that are evenly distributed and with a short dense pile, thereby creating a distinctive feel of smoothness. Velvet can also be made from synthetic and natural fibres, but a combination of silk & rayon is the most popular choice. A crushed velvet fabric is treated with heat and pressure to produce a surface that is uneven and crinkled. It is also be produced by way of mechanically twisting the fabric while it is wet. This results in a patterned look that is highly lustrous with the full body.

Crushed velvet is mostly used for making upholstery like drapes, curtains, pillows, seat covers, apparels etc. It is often coated with a backing to provide stability to the fabric to withstand regular wear and tear. Recently, crushed velvet fashion garments and beds are getting very popular. They have a remarkable lustre effect that appeals to the masses and gives a unique look.


Here is the Homes direct 365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly``

Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, this delightful ornate bed finished in a stunning antique white with a stylish crushed velvet fabric detailed headboard is sure to impress across generations.


The crushed velvet fabric is an ultra-high end material that sports a very glossy and soft touch. There are stunning ranges of trendy crushed velvet upholstered beds available in the market with luscious colours. Undoubtedly, it has become a fashion trend and a must have addition to your bedroom.

The vibrant shades of these crushed velvet beds coupled with an oversized button back or a curved headboard can instantly impart a feeling of luxury and drama into a room.


Here is the Homes Direct365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly

Finished in a silver and featuring distinguished ornate detailing with a decorated Crushed velvet fabric buttoned headboard and foot-board, this bed is ideal to add a touch of elegance and style in your bedroom today.


The velvet has been used since long in history and will never go out of fashion, as it is timeless. Velvet is perfect for rooms that are predominantly used in evenings such as living rooms and bedrooms, the reason being it reflects light beautifully. Soft lighting can make it look even more magical. It is said that velvet does a lot of talking and it often combines with other materials for a cosy, comfortable look.

Here is our current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly

Add a touch of modern style in your wonderful home with this exceptional piano bed. Upholstered in a plush black Crushed Velvet fabric with to large drawers for ample storage space.


We have a phrase “as soft as velvet”, because there is really nothing quite as soft as velvet. Adding velvet to an interior design plan creates a voluptuous sense of opulence and it is part of modern living. Crushed velvet looks majestic in a vivid colour or in neutral palette, as it catches light like no other fabric. Crushed velvet beds bring luxury and comfort to any home. With its plush sensual feel and its rich shimmering texture, it is bound to turn heads and there is nothing like a warm crushed velvet bed to cosy up on.

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