The New Trend of Crushed Velvet Beds

One of the softest fabrics in the world is velvet. It is a soft pile material that has been part of clothing and upholstery ever since the Middle Ages. The world velvet actually refers to the weave of the fabric. Traditionally, velvet was made from silk. It was made using a special loom that generated fabric which has two layers of thickness at the same time. The process was done by hand and thus very tedious. Due to this, velvet commanded a very high price. As a result, only royalty or the upper class could afford it. Today, cotton, linen, mohair, wool and synthetic material are used to make this fabric. Industrial methods of producing velvet have lowered its price such that it is within reach of the general public. However, its still associated with wealth due to its gorgeous texture. There are many types of velvet. Examples of these are devore, velveteen, hammered, embossed, plain and crushed velvet. One of the most trendy types today is crushed velvet. Read on to learn more about it and how it is used to make crushed velvet beds.


Silver Antique French Style Crushed Velvet Bed

Finished in silver and featuring distinguished ornate detailing with a decorated Crushed velvet fabric buttoned headboard and foot board, this bed is ideal to add a touch of elegance and style in your bedroom today.  You can find more styles on the site at

What is crushed velvet?

Crushed velvet is made by conducting special actions on the fabric. To create this variant, the fabric is twisted while it is wet. Moreover, it is pressed down all over so as to give it a unique texture. After that, it is brushed while moist and left to dry. The effects on the fibres of the velvet set and become permanent when it dries. This results in the appealing look of the crushed velvet. To make it more interesting, crushed velvet can have unique, attractive designs. This is done by weaving in threads of various colours in the fabric as it is made. Once these are weaved in, the special procedure is performed to result in multicoloured crushed velvet. This type of velvet is popularly used as upholstery for the house. Today, it is popularly used to cover furniture such as beds. As a matter of fact, some of the most trendy items to buy today are crushed velvet beds.


Estelle Silver Four Poster Antique French Style Bed With A Crushed Velvet Padding

With a stunning crushed velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard with crystal detailing, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations. You can find more styles on the site at

This fabric is currently being used to create beds which are luxurious and supple. The fabric is used to cover the headboard and the foot of the bed. It is also used to line the sides and underside of the bed too. Various colours of crushed velvet are used for this purpose. Moreover, a combination of sponge and decorative rivets are used to create a diamond quilt design on these beds. This is done mostly on the headboard. There are some exceptional examples of these beds. Examples of these are the crushed velvet Chesterfield sleigh bed, the Cube crushed velvet Super King bed and the Eton crushed velvet bed. These beds look luxurious, have soft surfaces and are more comfortable all thanks to the crushed velvet.


Estelle Silver Antique French Style Wing Back Bed With Crushed Velvet Padding

With a stunning Crushed Velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations. You can find more styles on the site at

Crushed velvet is a durable fabric that is heavy and has a bold sheen. It is important to conduct the right procedures when cleaning velvet. The general way of cleaning crushed velvet is simply to brush off any dust using a hair brush which has soft bristles. If there is a stain on the crushed velvet, it requires a more thorough cleaning process. Firstly, you need to get some warm water and mix it up with detergent. After that, cover the container and shake it up until you have suds forming. Using a soft cloth, pick up the suds and dab them on the stain. Do this until the stain is completely lifted off. This is a straightforward way of cleaning crushed velvet. This material is well known for being luxurious and soft. Thus, one of the most comfortable and beautiful beds which you can get today is the crushed velvet bed.

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