Its the summer alfresco french garden furniture time

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Summer is the best time to enjoy an alfresco meal in the garden with your family members and friends. Or you may prefer to while away an afternoon relaxing and basking in the warm sunlight. Whatever you plan to do come summertime, it is essential that you have the right furniture and decor to make your time in the garden more pleasant and memorable. If you want to be transported to another world, why not create a French-themed garden? Here is a look at some of the types of French garden furniture that you can incorporate into your garden.

French-Style Bistro Set 

There is perhaps no furniture piece or set that defines French garden furniture more than a French bistro set. A typical French bistro set consists of a table and a few chairs that are made of wrought iron, and they feature charming curly patterns that give them a vintage look. Other than being aesthetically-pleasing, a wrought iron French bistro set is also very sturdy and durable. A high-quality one provides high resistance against the elements. If you prefer to get something else, you may be interested in a French country-style bistro set. A country-style bistro set can be made of metal or wood, and it usually has a simpler design than the typical French bistro set.


French-Style Garden Bench 

No garden is complete without a bench. French-style garden benches come in many different designs and materials. There are elegant wrought iron benches that feature intricate patterns on their frames, as well as benches with metal legs and wooden seat. You can also settle for a bench that is completely made of wood so far. If you want to have a specific French theme throughout your garden, it is a good idea to select a bench that matches your bistro set.


Decorative Items 

After selecting your French garden furniture pieces, you should consider getting some decorative items to reinforce the French theme. There are many decorative items that you can buy for your garden, including arbor, garden stands, plant pots, and others. An arbor can be a wonderful addition to your garden. It allows you to do vertical gardening to maximise garden space, create a garden room, increase accessibility to plants, and provides great visual appeal. A French-style arbor is usually made of metal, and it can come in a wide range of designs and sizes.

The main function of garden stands and plant pots is to hold plants, but they can also contribute significantly to the appearance of your garden. French-style garden stands and plant pots typically feature detailed designs, but you can also opt for simpler designs, depending on the overall theme of your garden.

As you sit at your beautiful wrought iron bistro set, sipping on a glass of wine and mesmerised by the sight of trees swaying in the summer wind, a sudden clarity of mind comes upon you. And all you can hear is Louis Armstrong’s comforting voice in the background. C’est si bon.


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