Shabby chic mirrors for taking Selfies

Selfies have been part of our modern culture for some time now. Most people engage in group selfies or solo selfies at their own free time without giving it a second though. Taking of selfies have evolved with time and it’s now a charity name in some parts of the world; for example in the UK where the social media platform “noble no makeup selfies raised approximately £8 million for a cancer research“.

Photographs at large tell more of how we look, how we spend our time and with whom we hang around most of the time. At least everybody tries to look smart and at their best every time, they pose for a selfie. There are several types of selfies taken by different groups of people and for various reasons. It’s undoubtedly clear that selfies have bypassed the social norms & barriers of sex and age. Teens are obsessed with the selfie thing while parents think it’s funny and unfit to get involved in the trend; however, they find themselves joining their loved ones in a family or group selfie.

Celebrities have a different take on this; they think selfies were absolutely made for them while hipsters believe this is where they belong. Selfies have seen better days in terms of evolution and acceptance in the society. It was first seen as a celebrity and girlish thing but came to be appreciated later by the male counterparts. Nowadays, most social media platforms host millions of selfies taken on a daily basis. If you are looking forward to taking some pro-like selfies and looking as professional as you can imagine; we have got you covered.

Here are a selection of mirrors perfect for this craze:

Ivory Baroque Antique French Style Mirror

Antique French Style White Mirror

Francesca Antique French Style Mirror

Taking a mirror selfie

Whether you choose to use your phone’s front camera or a well-mounted wall mirror; you should always look decent for that selfie. If you are an Instagram fanatic, you definitely want to look cute and attract more likes for that #OOTD selfie day. Choosing the best mirror for that full body selfie is all you need to get started. Other important factors to consider include the phone’s camera resolution and the pose you choose during the selfie session.

A pretty, clean and well-polished mirror should be your first priory. Different mirrors come with varying quality and appearance. Shabby chic mirrors for example; comes in varying shapes, frame colours, design and frame materials hence you won’t miss your perfect match. Shabby chic mirrors are typically the best you can get in the market. They are well designed to offer the best both in image reflection and taking of selfies either in dim or proper lighting.

Shabby chic mirrors are spotless and come in various lengths, all customised to suit your needs. Their well-polished surfaces enhance for easy cleaning and instant reflection of real-time images. The mirrors have stood the test of time with a good reputation in the market. They are durable and available in accommodating prices that won’t break your budget.

Do yourself a favor, look decent without comprising your peace; get the shabby chic mirror today and enjoy a quick and easy clean up before whipping out your camera for that Instagram or Snap chat selfie.


Antique French Style Bergere Mirror

White Decorative Antique French Style Wall Mirror

Antique French Style Mirror



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