Different Types of Bedroom Furniture Used Today

Bedroom furniture used today can make your sleeping room become more welcoming, cosy, warmth and also improve it’s appearance. But just which of these household items are we talking about? Well, read on to discover some of the must-have furniture items every bedroom needs.


Besides the bed, dressers are the most significant piece of furniture to be found in bedrooms. The standard varieties’ height stands at the waist level, run horizontally and can feature between 6 – 9 drawers. Alternatively, there are other dressers that take the chest design, and are taller than the standard types, but feature lesser drawers. You could also settle for the armoire sorts of dressers, which come with drawers, shelves and can even have extra storage space for clothing or other personal items. Dressers are normally of wood construction, and the high-end kinds are made of solid wood. Still, you can as well opt for veneer or composite wood products that are equally excellent, but more pocket-friendly.


This marvellous Antique French Dressing Table adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. The beautiful design featuring 7 small drawers carries much additional beauty, providing character and elegance especially when co-ordinated alongside our Shabby Chic bedroom furniture. Crafted and finished to a high standard using only the finest of materials, the quality of this dresser will astound. Guaranteed to brighten your bedroom, this is an amazing item that will be welcomed into many homes.


Featured here we have the marvellous La Rochelle Dresser, beautifully hand carved from mahogany and completed in a stunning antique white finish. As one of our most popular ranges the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, and as seen here this Antique French Dresser displays smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect shabby chic feel. Whether this Dresser is by itself or as part of the full breath taking La Rochelle bedroom set, we guarantee you’re going to be pleased.


Nightstands let you keep some bedside essentials within reach at all times. This can include a lamp, alarm clock, mobile devices or some nighttime reading materials. The ideal height of these sorts of furniture is usually at par with the top of your mattress. When it comes to styles, you can choose from those with drawers, shelves or even a combination of both. Nightstands are, for the most part, made of wood, with the high-end varieties being of either pine, mahogany or oak construction.

Bed frames

The bed normally takes up the most space in virtually all bedrooms. So, a bed frame is regarded as an essential part of this area of the home. They come in varying standard sizes including twin, full, queen and king. The exact styles of bed frames also tends to differ. For instance, there are bed frames that come with headboards as well as footboards, there are zero gravity bed frames for certain sleeping positions, while others are just plain. These types of furniture can be crafted from a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal and everything in between. This makes it infinitely easier and convenient to ensure the bed frame you purchase can seamlessly fit the distinctive interior décor scheme of your home. Also, it makes it easy to find a good product to match your given budget.

Some of our contemporary beds an be seen on the link below


An example from our modern bed range

The York bedstead has been designed to create a modern appeal in your home. Working well in a variety of settings, this charming bed upholstered in a Brussels olive fabric is sure to astound and impress across generations. With a delightful fabric headboard and frame, this bed is crafted from 100% polyester.


We are proud to welcome to our collection of modern and contemporary furniture this exceptional bed from the Baltimore collection. Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, this bed featuring a high foot end is sure to impress. Working wonderful brightening up your home either on its own or alongside our other ranges.


Wardrobes are very vital bedroom furniture that are designed to provide sufficient storage space, particularly for clothing. Typically, you get to select from the more versatile freestanding options or the custom-fitted varieties. The first tend to be more affordable and offer plenty of option in terms of the design you could settle for. The custom-fitted types are more streamlined and can make good use of awkward spaces in your bedroom, but are more costly. There are as well modular wardrobes, which give you unparalleled flexibility to mix and match shelves, drawers and even hanging rails.



Hand painted chalk finish, this Aurelia 2 Door Wardrobe With Indoor Mirror features an indoor mirror making it perfect for use in the bedroom. Due to its clean colour pallet, it can easily fit with any style of bedroom interior and will add sophistication to your home. HomesDirect365 proudly add this to our brilliant and rapidly growing wardrobe range.


The new Remi bedroom collection brings the appeal of painted furniture with contrasting oak top for a true twist on country style. This double shabby chic wardrobe ensures beauty and elegance in abundance.


Vanities are highly acclaimed for incorporating a suitable touch of elegance and style to the bedroom setting. These kinds of bedroom furniture are very functional too. They can serve as a dedicated area to meet your day-to-day grooming and personal care needs like hair styling or makeup application. To this end, they feature a mirror and room beneath them to place a bench or stool. Vanities also come with drawers where you can store jewellery, dressing accessories and assorted beauty products.

Although because of their larger design, people struggle with imagining where they can put their brand new dressing table, we have a helpful guide on exactly Where to Place a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom


Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Vanity Set. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, the exquisite antique French design will be sure to amaze. Working exceptional on its own as a statement piece or co-ordinated alongside our shabby chic bedroom furniture.


Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material this Sophia Vanity Mirror is a fantastic must have addition for your home. Beautiful and full of character, the Sophia Vanity Mirror is a fine example of why our personal human craft over machine made is the high quality you deserve. Ensured to last through generations the Sophia Vanity Mirror works both by itself or co-ordinated alongside our other pieces.

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