Dressing Table: Buying and Maintenance Guide

You might think that dressing tables have become obsolete but the truth is many people still fancy having a dressing table in their bedroom, not for decoration but rather as a working station. Having this important item in your bedroom gives you an opportunity to get closer to the mirror so that you can make yourself beautiful.

With such a small part of your bedroom, you can easily organise your makeup items in one place and have all your items where they should be. You can also use it for display purposes in which case you can exhibit your perfumes, jewellery boxes, makeup sets, combs, and hand mirrors on the top. Choosing a table with intricate engravings adds character to your room. If you are curious about the best design, consider the following features when making your purchase.


Here are some lovely examples:

Translated from the Portugese phrase ‘pérola barroca’ meaning irregular pearl, Baroque and its translation perfectly describes the artistic creations occurring in the 17th and 18th Century in France. As you can see here with this magnificent Antique French Dressing Table Set irregular pearl perfectly describes the beautiful detailing’s and the flowing symmetrical carvings. Hand carved from solid mahogany this Dressing Table Set is strong and exuberant as many Baroque pieces are, reflecting the strength in leadership of King Louis XIV at the time


La Rochelle Black Antique French Dressing Table hand carved, in a stunning antique black finish. Invite a touch of antique French elegance into your home with this Antique French Dressing Table from our award-winning antique French painted bedroom collection.


Capturing the historic and picturesque qualities of one of France’s most popular architectural towns, here we have the Bordeaux shabby chic Dressing Table.  As the pictures here of the Bordeaux shabby chic Dressing Table show, the Bordeaux collection is finished with a subtle distressed ivory paint, giving off a vibe of wonderful exuberance in your bedroom. These qualities resonate and make the Bordeaux Antique French Dressing Table and the Bordeaux collection as a whole one of the most popular bedroom collections.


Storage Spacea dressing table should have drawers for storing making up items and small bottles. While checking the storage space, ensure that it is enough to fit all your items. The storage compartments can be attached as lockable drawers under the mirror. You have the freedom to choose the type of storage you need depending on your needs and personal taste. The number of drawers can range from three to eight depending on your needs.

Mirror– a mirror is an important part of beautifying yourself and hence, it is necessary that you have one on your dressing table. When buying a dressing table, you can choose to buy one with an attached mirror or have a separate one. However, the attached one is better as it cannot be easily broken since it is fixed.

Small stool/chair– unless you like standing, you should choose a dressing table that is accompanied by a chair to sit on when applying make-up. As you know, women love spending a lot of time in front of the mirror in which case the chair comes in handy.

Matches other features in the room– in other cases, you can buy a dressing table to add character in your room. For this reason, you need to ensure that the table matches the taste of your room.

If for some reason you want a more sophisticated dressing table, you might want to consider more features such as multi-function. A table with such a feature will serve not only as a dressing table but it will also have other distinct features such as dressing, a cabinet, or a desk. Such a table is designed with such versatility that ensures it achieves all these functionalities.

Once you settle on the dressing table that meets your taste, you have to make sure that you take good care of it. To keep it in the right condition, always ensure you wipe the wood with bee wax that keeps it polished and clean. You also need to ensure you have placed the table in a place where it will not get direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of the wood. The mirrors, as part of the dressing table, should be cleaned using either newspaper or paper towels and vinegar or window cleaner that will keep it shiny with no smudges.

Here are some more lovely examples

With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Antique French Dressing Table, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. This Dressing Table is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set such as our shabby chic bedroom furniture. This Dressing Table is an engaging and enchanting hand crafted piece you won’t regret.

This marvelous dressing table adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. The beautiful ornate designed mirror carries much additional beauty, providing character and elegance especially when complimented alongside our shabby chic furniture. Crafted and finished to a high standard using only the finest of materials, the quality of this dressing table will astound. Guaranteed to brighten your bedroom, this is an amazing item that will be welcomed into many homes.

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