According to Ian Sansom, an accredited author, while bedroom furniture is more often than not disregarded as just a mundane element of a home, its subsequent importance in our everyday life is surprisingly profound. In reality, furniture is a clear indicator of exactly who and what we are or deem ourselves to be.


The underlying history of both the bedroom and its subsequent furniture offers a captivating preview of the early life and interactions of early societies. As with the case with humans, our homes particularly our bedrooms are continually evolving. While ancient nomadic communities generally used the floor as their resting places and relied on animal hides to cover themselves throughout the night, the modern bedroom features significant advancements both in comfort and technology. Unlike the early societies, modern bedrooms lay considerable emphasis on exclusive furniture and optimal privacy. But while early societies never really laid focus in the beauty, privacy and general appeal of the bedroom, they surprisingly invested in creating pertinent bedroom furniture. So exactly where did bedroom furniture come from and who used it?


In their quest to unravel the history and mystery of the ancient South African tribe of Sibudu, archaeologists discovered scrabbles of beddings made from sedge grass believed to date as far back as 77,000 years. These aromatic leaves boast a pleasing scent which amazingly also doubles as a repellent for mosquitoes plus other insects. The Sibudu community used a very effective technique (which surprisingly still finds use to date) to make woven bed mats and other furniture accessories from this grass.

The worlds oldest bedding found in African sibudu tribes site

Egyptian Furniture:

Ancient Egyptian communities used fibers and wood to design their numerous furniture pieces including bedroom furniture such as beds. They carved the wood into ornate figures and shapes for use in and around their homes. They decorated their bedrooms with curtains hanging around their beds and also used marble as the underlying material to design their floors. For their beds, they created raised rectangular constructions characterized by perforated provisions for ventilation. They further accentuated their bedroom furniture such as their then armoires with clawed feet made from animal bones or valuable wood for a touch of class.


Egyptian Furniture With Carved Clawed Feet From Animal Bone


Innate Meaning of Bedroom Furniture:

As earlier mentioned, while furniture for many simply stands as ordinary additions into the house accessories, it is a wonderful representative of some of our innate qualities.

For instance, our wardrobes are representatives of whether who we may have ultimately become and or where we may have subsequently gone. E Nesbit in 1908 published an account named The Aunt and Amabel. In this narrative, Amabel, a very young girl, is punished for chopping off flower heads in their greenhouse by her aunt.

Enraged, her aunt confines the little girl to a spare bedroom, and it is here that Amabel discovers a railway timetables book with a particular destination named Whereyouwanttogoto. While Nesbit noted this as odd’, what is even more astonishing is the station’s name. Neither was it Cannon Street or Euston or even Marylebone, it was Bigwardrobeinspareroom. For this reason, Amabel begins her adventure.

Similarly, beds function as imagination transporters. It is a well-established fact that many writers enjoy working on a horizontal inclination. Much of the History of World War Two by Winston Churchill and Paradise Lost by Milton was composed lying in bed in the morning.

The book Paradise Lost by John Milton


Wrap up: 

The value of bedroom furniture and in extension all furniture pieces lies deep within its history. While we may create it, it however consecutively makes, defines and shapes our daily lives.

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