Get ready like a movie star with these 10 best dressing table reviews

You can have your makeup, perfume, and accessories to hand, so it makes the effort of getting ready, well, effortless! The table can bring a touch of old Hollywood diva glamor into your life. A simple piece of furniture that can make you feel good has got to be worth investing in. The table can help keep your bedroom clutter free as well. So not only will you look gorgeous, your room will too because all of the little bits and pieces that are hidden away. It’s rare to find beauty and practicality in a single piece of furniture, but dressing tables have both of these in abundance.


The Montpellier Dressing Table Set

wooden dressing table set

Rococo Antique French Style Dressing Table

French Style Dressing Table in antique white colour


Whatever the style or material you choose for your dressing tables, be sure to pick one that you can store all of your valuable items of jewellery or accessories in. There are single pedestal tables and double pedestal ones. There are some traditional styles, so if you want that Hollywood look, you can have it. If you want modern ones, then there are those styles out there as well. The only tricky thing is; how on earth do you choose the one!


Estelle Antique French Style Dressing Table Set Single Pedestal 

Single pedestal white french dressing table


Annaelle Antique French Dressing Table Set Double Pedestal

french style double pedestal dressing table set


Dressing tables look stunning on their own, but there are a few things to make it look even more striking. You could light the table from the side or above, that will not only throw focus onto the table, but it will also give you plenty light for putting on your makeup and jewellery. Keep cotton wool or tissues in coloured glass jars and boxes, with sunlight or lamp light on them; they will give off a lovely glow. Put a hook on the wall or side of the table and use a beautiful drawstring bag to store your hair dryer or curling tongs. Of course, you can have a vase of fresh flowers on display. Dressing tables do lend themselves to lovely items like this picture here from one of our customers who decorated her spare room with some of our items.


One of our customers pictures of her decorated spare room

Antique Shabby Chic Style Dressing Table Set



Antique Shabby Chic Style Dressing Table Set

Customers decorated dressing table

Antique French Style Dressing Table Set

Antique ivory colour dressing table set

Some dressing tables come complete with mirrors, but many of them don’t. There is nearly as much choice in mirrors as there is in the tables themselves. A single mirror will look good; a triple mirror will look spectacular. Use your table to display your beautiful things; that’s what they are designed for. They are large enough to hold your make up on, hair products, facial creams, nail polishes and removers and even eye masks if you wear one to bed. They don’t usually come with a drawer but enough space to lay out all of your products to do your face, makeup, nails, hair and everything else. The dressing table stool is handy, and you will find a million reasons to use it!


Gold Antique French Style Dressing Table

Gold antique French style triple mirrored dressing table

La Rochelle Black Antique French Dressing Table Set

Black French style triple mirrored dressing table set

Baroque Antique French Style Silver Dressing Table Set

Silver antique French style dressing table set


A dressing table may not be the first item of furniture you consider when furnishing your bedroom. In all honesty, it’s possibly the last piece of furniture you will think about if you even think of it at all. It is true that dressing tables can make a statement in your bedroom. They say you enjoy taking care of yourself. Sitting at a table which is the last thing before bed, applying your night cream and eye cream is a lovely way to end your day. Go on, indulge yourself, choose from the huge range of dressing tables available and look forward to sitting at it.


Pink Antique French Style Dressing Table

Pink French style dressing table

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Antique White












Natural Woods




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