The feng shui modern & contemporary bedroom furniture

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The feng shui modern & contemporary bedroom furniture

When we think modern and contemporary furniture what initially springs to mind… Is it the futuristic room sets from your favourite sci-fi film or perhaps you envisage it placed throughout multi-billion dollar start-up companies? Well it is in fact all around us, and has been since the late 19th century.

Historically bedroom furniture was crafted by hand. Just imagine all those painstaking manual labour hours used to carve your favourite extortionately priced bedroom chair or dressing table piece alike… it was truly only for the very wealthy. That is until mass production first came to light. The theory of hugely accessible and affordable furniture pieces all machine made where too popular to turn down and appealed to the masses. Also referred to as functionalism, this helped popularise the modern furniture designs that we have come to know and love today.

With affordable furniture pieces available in mass, this encouraged designers and craftsman to think more ‘outside the box’, experimenting with an array of materials such as woods, metals, plastics and glass, the future of modern and contemporary furniture was arriving. With designers constantly thriving to outshine one another and develop the next best thing, this trend was evolving… and evolving fast it was!

From solid glass bedroom furniture pieces to cut fabric furniture, interior designers and manufactures are constantly pushing the boundaries to create a uniquely modern and abstract envisioned future.


So, is there a huge difference between modern and contemporary furniture I hear you ask? Well contemporary furniture is often referred to as modern furniture and can essentially be classed as the same thing, predominantly featuring smooth simplistic designs that can be placed in an array of settings. Take the dressing table for example, once sought after was a highly luxurious dresser finished in gold leaf, now however, the dresser is a classic and often at times over simplified practical piece.

If we go back to the early 16th century, extravagantly designed antiqued furniture was tremendously popular; it would be rare to find an ornate crown or delicately carved scrolls on any piece. From handcarved solid wood chests to luxurious detailed grand beds, there was no hiding from big, bold and hugely decorated pieces.

As time developed and the world’s economy improved, inventions advanced and trends changed, the antique style was gaining much less popularity.

The phase ‘more is less’ defiantly applies to current furniture trends. Moving away from big ornate designs and favouring simplistic clean-cut pieces, this steadily gave way to what we know and call modern and contemporary furniture.


Kingsize Annecy Weathered Bed


Montpellier Blanc Antique French Style Bed



Industrial Aluminium Coffee Table


With fashion trends rapidly changing, day to day places and ‘moods’ are now becoming highly influential by designers and crafters. Take a small delinquent and smoothly polished coffee table which is said to be inspired by ‘calm’ compared to an abstract and twisted leg table which is said to represent the ‘hustle and bustle of urban life’. We now have the choice to select furniture pieces based on what mood we are trying to achieve when designing our bedroom!

With the Chinese philosophical term ‘Feng Shui’ now a popular word used when describing bedroom arrangement (wonderful examples here), modern and contemporary furniture is a very suitable choice. The theory of feng shui symbolises an environment that is calm and harmonised, so it’s easy to see why the current modern clean cut designs appeal very aptly.

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