Choosing The Perfect Shabby Chic Colours

Finding the right colours is hard, very hard. It’s often a painstakingly long task that can take months to come to a firm decision!

If you are like me, then you probably know the feeling of an overwhelming abundance of choice. In this day and age, we have the option of aesthetic choice and colour for most purchases.

Just last week, I had finally chosen a new car, brilliant! But with the plethora of colours available, I was stuck. Do I opt for the classic white or black car or choose a more vibrant colour, a deep blue? a cool racing red? or go for gold? I did in the end, opt for a practical black. Well, it would save me having to wash it every time I took the dog or the kids out in it!

With furniture, however, especially shabby chic furniture it can be a totally different story. Choosing the right colour is paramount and fitting it in with your current interior can be vital. It would look slightly odd having a bright blue bed in a vintage French style bedroom!

Follow our simple yet very effective guide and colour palette below to help you choose the perfect shabby chic colours for your home.




A very good starting point is to have in mind a selection of colours to choose from. Having a colour set in mind is perfect when looking to match a new purchase or invigorate and update a current piece.

Take the above colour palette, using these soft and neutral colours are perfect for almost any shabby chic furniture. They are very soft and have a vintage cottage appeal to them. Have a look below at some beautiful furniture pieces from for some inspiration. – Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet – £159.99 – Annaelle Antique French Style Bed – From £399.99



Colour schemes are also paramount when choosing how to accessorise your home. For the shabby chic look, opt for accessories using the palette above – this will ensure a constant country theme is kept in mind.

One of our favourites is the duck egg table lamp, this beautiful piece won’t look out of place in any setting, slotting into any shabby chic décor perfectly whilst also adding practical charm. – Duck Egg Ribbed Leaf Table Lamp – £54.99




Nothing beats fresh sheets or bedding! Now you have the perfect excuse to update your bedroom bedding, be sure to take into account the colour of them. Stay away from very dark colours and opt for very light, soft and neutral colours, colours that you would typically associate with a country cottage theme. This will ensure your shabby chic bedroom will look very stylish and co-ordinated with the famous shabby chic country cottage style. – Taupe Ashby Quilted Bedspread – £154.99



Looking to decorate your home in the highly sought after and beautiful shabby chic style? Then be sure to check out Homesdirect365 for some of the most beautiful shabby chic furniture pieces around.

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