Creating Ambiance in Your Living Area

What’s the primary room in every household where the whole family can sit back and relax? The trusted room that everyone after a long, hard day at work can simply unwind, put your feet up and grab a favourite book, watch a movie or simply socialise? That’s right, it’s the living area… or front-room, living-room, lounge whatever you choose to call it, it’s the space we all associate with tranquillity and comfort, a room that we can truly make our own.

Nothing quite beats a tidy, organised and peaceful living area – check out some wonderful preparation tips here. so keep that in mind when designing or decorating your front room and be sure to make changes that work for the full family. Having the layout organised with furniture and decor placed practically so this haven is inviting for everyone in your family home.




This needs little explanation! With the living area being the most social room in the house, it’s paramount that enough seating is available for your family or guests. This could be in the form of a big luxurious corner sofa or a simple yet practical upholstered footstool that can be stored away. When looking for fabric upholstery to use or colours to choose from, you could stick to the trending colour used in your room or you could opt for boldness with a modern


Accent Chair & Footstool


Mirrored Furniture

For the modern and contemporary lover, mirrored furniture might just be the perfect furniture piece for you. Not only is it very sleek and crisp looking with clean cut glass mirrored panels, but it is ideal for giving the appearance for a bigger and brighter room – perfect to unlock the potential of a small living area.

From mirrored side tables to nest of tables, the designs are endless but be sure to have a look at mirrored TV cabinets from Homesdirect365, which are hugely in fashion now, with a nice selection of designs available; you can opt for it placed in the corner or right in the middle of your living room as a gorgeous focal point.


Mirrored TV Cabinet


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

In the past, the famous trend was keeping it neutral. This trend can still be applied today to achieving a blank canvas or when looking for a minimalist appeal, however for a bit of personality, don’t be afraid of colours.

A popular colour scheme is to have the feature wall in your living room and upholstery the same colour; this can provide a matching harmony. Go for colours such as turquoise, deep red, or a plum scheme for the colder winter months to help achieve a warming and cosy setting. For the summer, opt for a light sky blue or pale green.

If you are feeling very bold, you could opt to paint all the walls in your living room!


Contrasting Fabric

Keeping everything the exact same colour can work wonders in some settings, but for most, you will want a bit of contrast. Adding contrast in the form of curtains, lamps or even rugs is a fantastic way to add a touch of your own personal style in any living room setting.

We found some absolutely brilliant Southwestern Native American rugs that are perfect to add a touch of style to your home from South Western Rugs Depot.

Lamp shades are also a great way of adding to the overall ambience in your living room, for the colder months and darker nights nothing beats a chrome lamp with a deep purple velvet shade, the epitome of cosiness.

Antique French Style Chrome Glass Table Lamp

antique french style purple table lamp



Big Chief – Blue Native American rugs –


Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least, the finer small home accessories are ideal for adding the finishing touches to any living space. A simple yet absolutely stunning wall head hanging can work wonders to add style and charm in any home interior settings.


Bronze Effect Stag Wall Head

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