Romano Crystal Mirrored Furniture – The Epitome of Modernism

Crafted from clear cut glass and designed with ingenuity, the highly popular and sought after Venetian mirrored furniture is the ultimate piece to add modern style to your home today.

Before we look at some simply breathtaking pieces such as the indistinguishable Romano crystal collection from Homesdirect365, let’s take a brief look at the history of mirrored furniture and how it originated.

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History of Glass

About 2,500 years ago, approximately 460bc in the city of Sidon in Lebanon is where the very first mirror originated from, which at that time, the only way to view a clear reflection was in settled or stagnant pools of water. Polished bronze or copper was also seldom used, but the reflection and image given off were in no way clear, it was often very blurry and disproportional due to the surface rarely being flat. Through a process known as glassblowing, the very first mirrors were successfully created.

Often used today by artists, glassblowing is simply to blow a small amount of air into a molten blob. Glassblowing first starting in Lebanon by blowing air into a small sphere, once cooled the glass could then be broken into many smooth small pieces which were much clearer than copper or bronze and gave of a clear more true-like reflection. Glass itself isn’t as reflective of today mirrors, so to improve its reflectivity, coating it with metal was an ideal practice.



This technique of creating glass and mirrors were extremely popular and spread rapidly through the current reigning Roman empire. Once fully embraced by the Romans, glassblowing became a phenomenon worldwide and developed into mold blowing or what we know today as modern glass blowing.


Venetian Mirror

Venice – Often renowned for their creativity, ingenuity, and modernism, in the 16th century Venice gave birth to the beautiful and often elaborate mirrors we have come and know to love today.

With Venetian mirrors given the name of ‘the purest mirrors in the world’, the popularity was growing and was sought after all over the globe. This inspired the current reigning queen of France, Marie De Medici who adored these mirrors so much she wanted an office full of mirrors on every wall possible.



As time moved on and modernist furniture designers wanted to be at the forefront of innovative designs, it didn’t take long for them to start using mirrors to create mirrored furniture. Heavily influenced by the art-deco movement, glass was placed on the side and surfaces of furniture pieces.

At the time of the 18th century when mirrors where a lot more affordable, mirrored furniture designs took a huge leap. Being a lot more cost effective and available to the masses, experimentation using mirrored furniture pieces began. Initially, the first pieces of mirrored furniture created where the smaller household items, such as ornaments and table decorations but began to slowly grow into mirrored bedside tables. dressing tables and even mirrored beds and wardrobes, exclusively available online from Homes Direct 365


Mirrored Dressing Table Set – £344.99



Romano Crystal Mirrored Furniture

Heavily inspired by the Venetian period, the Romano crystal mirrored furniture is a clean-cut simplistically designed furniture range with subtle and elegant detailing.


Romano Crystal Bedside Table – £139.99


Romano Crystal Mirrored Chest – £299.99 –


Carefully crafted using clear cut glass panels and natural wood, this range is ideal to brighten up any room. Whether looking for simple decorative pieces such as the jewelry box or a more elaborate full bedroom range including bedsides, chests, and even wardrobes, mirrored furniture can give the appearance of a bigger and brighter room adding style and elegance in abundance.


Mirrored Wardrobe – £849.99


Mirrored TV Cabinet – £349.99


Mirrored Jewelry Box – £34.99


It doesn’t stop at bedrooms either… from beautiful uniquely designed TV cabinets to practical cabinets and pedestals. The Romano crystal collection, exclusively available from ‘homesdirect365’ caters for the modernist inside all of us!

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