Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture;

15 years ago we all used the word ‘eclectic’, now we’re into the ‘industrial style’ furniture design, but one which is often thrown around is, ‘Shabby Chic Furniture…’ Is it a buzz word like the aforementioned? We often hear many buzz words, most of which can last a matter of weeks or months. But is shabby chic one of them?

The term was excessively used in the early 21st century to give a name to the popular distressed, aged and historical style furniture. These extremely popular furniture pieces were effectively given a new lease of life with purpose. ‘Shabby Chic’, a term which is used very frequently in this modern day and age, but is it here to stay and will it last the test of time?

The word ‘vintage’ has stayed strong for generations, but with shabby chic’s new lease of life, these two very similar terms have been used coinciding with one another to create a full new furniture design trend.


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Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture



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What Happened To Minimalist?

In the not so distant past, you will have noticed all the fuss and buzzword was about being ‘minimalistic’. White, white and whiter… plain blank walls with not much individualistic to them.

If you were to stay in a newly built or decorated hotel, you will have noticed they all practically looked identical, all looking very bland with none having any character. The hallways and carpets often consisted of pale and very neutral colour with the sparse pictures hung were usually very plain.

Looking back this doesn’t sound appealing; however it suited the times and the trends very well – it suited the popular bleak minimalism focus of interior design. Minimalist hotel and furniture design style décor have taken a few post-recession years to fully disappear, but it is definitely history and won’t be making a return anytime soon! Phew!



Goodbye minimalist and hello creativity… as we grow as a culture, we strive for individuality, to express ourselves in a creative outlet; thankfully furniture design and décor has given us the ultimate platform.

From abstract designed furniture pieces to a colourful and vibrant colour scheme, people are now actively collecting beautiful vintage, recycled and retro objects and using them to create their very own unique décor scheme.  Be it a simple distressed window-sill ornament or a fully upcycled bedroom suite… DIY and décor are back.

Décor these days has moved away from the modest social status and is now more about personality, a reflection of your personality. With shabby chic consisting of a wide style and variety of décor designs, it’s fair to say that shabby chic furniture style is here to stay.


So, What Actually Is Shabby Chic

Well, shabby chic or shabby chic bedroom furniture is pretty much down to personal preference and can generally be characterised by a worn, aged and distressed yet beautiful appearance.

Historically it was very similar to antique French style furniture, with exuberant and ornate detailing. Think of the famous rooms in the TV-hit series Downton Abbey, the furniture pieces used are certainly not bland.



As centuries went by it became more aged and rustic looking, often consisting of many paint layers and sanded down to achieve a distressed look. Also sometimes known as farmhouse or cottage style, the colours used are often very warm and friendly and can vary between pale pastel colours such as blues and reds to a more textured oak appearance.

The initial thought of decorating a full room in shabby chic furniture might seem like too much for some, so decorating and striking the balance between distressed country farmhouse with some fresh and new pieces can look utterly stunning.

That’s not to say anything is wrong with a full shabby chic décor, in-fact it can epitomise the old English country cottage appearance. The 2006 romantic film The Holiday, written and directed by Nancy Meyers used this style for Kate Winslet’s old English cottage, Rosehill Cottage. The interior has been decorated using a full shabby chic design – from the old fireplace guard to the beautifully looking rustic bookcase.


The beautiful exterior and interior of Rosehill Cottage from The Holiday




How to Incorporate Shabby Chic

Here’s the great news… there is no set or a defined way to incorporate this beautiful style in your home. You could simply opt for a few delicate shabby chic ornaments or you could go the full haul and have all your furniture shabby chic.

Go big or go small, that’s the wonderful thing with shabby chic furniture, it can look absolutely beautiful no matter how little or how much of it you decide to use. From a little quaint console table to a full room, the choice can be down to your preference.

So experiment and look at furniture pieces that are individual and reflect your personality… or you could even design your own!

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