Is Shabby Chic Trendy and Still In Fashion



With the constant changes and ever so fast evolving modern furniture designs, it can be a tough job to keep up with current interior design trends… so we ask the question, is shabby chic furniture still trendy and in fashion or has the vintage phase ended?

First emerging with great popularity in the 80’s and taking great inspiration from the 18th century of extravagant and simply stunning ornate designed antique French style pieces, the shabby chic design trend stood the test of time and went global. For fashionable shabby chic pieces be sure to check out Homes Direct 365

Fast forward 40 years and you only have to simply turn on the tv or have a stroll through your local market fabric shop to see this style is still at the forefront of interior design in the 21st century.

If you browse the fabric shops you will notice many patterns or designs of rugs and carpets follow the historic shabby chic styles by using vibrant and colourful flowers and vintage shapes. The furniture is also prominently used in your favourite modern-day television soap’s, films or music videos.


Antique French Style Throne Chair (£749.99)


Is shabby chic deco comfort, fashion or a dying trend

Simple… It all comes down to personal preference. For most, the shabby chic interior décor style is based on practicality and comfort with the distressed effects and intricate detailing an added aesthetic bonus.

We generally don’t change or revamp our front rooms every 6 months, so keeping up to date with the ‘next best thing’ in furniture design can become impossible and not very gentle on your purse. But when it comes to fashion and interior design, shabby chic certainly isn’t going anywhere!

Best advice? Find a style you like, a colour scheme you like and take it from there. Whether it’s brand new or old, the great thing about shabby chic furniture is its timelessness and adaptability to coincide with all furniture regardless of it being 200 years old or 1 week old! For some incredible shabby chic furniture pieces like shabby chic dressing tables, or for some inspiration, be sure to check out our full collections here >>  <chic>


Sophia Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set (£459.99)


Why is shabby chic timeless and classic

It can be colourful, it can be vibrant and it can be very bold and extremist however many styles of shabby chic furniture often focus around pastel colours and lighter whites, these colours invariably with light distressing and ornate carvings help give the typical shabby chic furniture pieces a very neutral yet stunningly unique appearance.

The classic shabby chic furniture style can impose itself in any design scheme, the adaptability and simplicity of many pieces can fit seamlessly alongside the more modern clean cut designs. Whereas opting for a more ornate, exuberantly hand carved piece can often help evoke a sense of nostalgia in any environment.


Rococo Antique French Style Bed (From £499.99)


What’s next

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future but it’s a safe bet that the shabby chic style will always be here. With its adaptability and plethora of designs and styles, shabby chic isn’t going anywhere fast!

Are you looking to embrace its historical creation by opting for a country cottage design scheme, or do you want to combine pieces of shabby chic alongside a modern setting? Be sure to let us know


Grey Shabby Chic Wall Cabinet (£74.99)


Rattan Shabby Chic Antique Style Bedside Table (£94.99)



Juliette Shabby Chic TV Unit (£199.99)



IsaBella Dusk Shabby Chic Magazine Rack (£259.99)

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