Decorating Your Boys Bedroom

Decorating your little boy’s bedroom is never an easy task. Especially if your little one goes through phases like mine… one day it’s Spiderman this and Spiderman that, the next week it’s everything Star Wars and that’s not to mention mine has a habit of wanting everything in his favourite colour of the week. So how do you decorate a boy’s room nicely without having to change it up on a weekly basis… this might also help him keep it organised and clean (dreams can come true!).

First and foremost I would advise to keep it basic and simple. The more abstract, eccentric or over the top you go – more often than not, your little one will get bored of it!

Keeping it simple with very neutral colours can give the interior design scheme a more timeless look. Colours in and out of fashion can change as quickly as your child’s mind! One week it’s deep purple, the next it’s Green. Instead of staying on top on what hot and what isn’t, opting for a neutral white or even a very pale colour can guarantee that no matter what month, year or decade it is, it’s still fashionable.

Neutral décor colour schemes also make colour co-ordinating much less of a hassle. Trying to find appropriate furniture to match a deep blue wall with X-men curtains is no easy task.

A classically styled white bunk bed such as the practical one below or even a soccer bed (now football will never go out of fashion, regardless of how much we hope it would!) from can fit nicely in any room. – £369.99


If a white bed is to plain for your liking, then perhaps considering adding some natural wood furniture to brighten up his room. From natural wooden wardrobes to functional bunk beds that feature a little study area for his school work or drawings can be an excellent addition to any children’s room. – £229.99 – £674.99


Having a neutral colour scheme on the walls does not mean you have to sacrifice colour, so don’t be afraid to add a touch. A contrasting chair can even compliment virtually any neutral interior design setting. Take a look at a personal favourite of mine below, the mini white stars armchair. Extremely comfortable and standing at 44cm tall, it’s the perfect height for your boy to watch his favourite television show or DVD. – £84.99


Accessories and finishing touches… my favourite part. Because it’s really easy and not heavy on your purse, you could use this to add a touch of his personality on the room. From a simple shark plaque on the wall or a racing car rug… whatever he’s into. But for that little bit extra, nothing quite adds a touch of style like a retro wooden rocking chair, Ideal as either a home accessory or a playing chair for your boy to entertain himself. – £219.99 – £369.99


When next looking to upgrade or decorate your boy’s room – go for simple, functional and timeless.

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