Choosing The Right French Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Choosing The Right Wooden Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Before we get onto furnishings for your hardwood flooring, lets talk a bit about hardwood flooring… simply put, hardwood and wooden flooring can make absolutely stunning and sleek stylish options for virtually any room throughout your home. Its extremely easy to upkeep and can work wonders in any home décor scheme and compliment any furniture piece, from antique French style to a more modern or contemporary apparel, hardwood flooring is definitely the answer!

What Is Sustainable Wood?

Sustainable wood is from rain forests or forests that are sustainably managed. The forest landscape of wood is heavily managed by experts to prevent damage to trees, wildlife, watersheds, and ecosystems themselves whilst also minimising the effects of deforestation.

The opposite to sustainable wood is wood that is collected and chopped down by machinery to leave open bare patches of land without any thought as to whether this wood or trees will return to its previous state.

How About Acacia Wood Flooring

Often renowned for being sourced in an eco-friendly way, Acacia wood is a natural beauty when it comes to the appearance of wood. Known for its rich brown and gold colour, this wood is a very fast growing source of sustainable wood. With well over one thousand different varieties of Acacia wood grown all over the globe, it is extremely eco-friendly due to its fast growth and abundance.

With Acacia wood less susceptible to mass deforestation and its natural sturdy and strong infrastructure, it makes Acacia flooring one of the favourite choices of eco-friendly hardwood in your home.

Timber Hardwood Flooring

With the focus now firmly on environmentally friendly wood sources, Timber wood is always recommended for building and flooring.

Manufacturing timer building materials produce as close to zero carbon emissions. The majority of manufacturing building is a very long winded process which often involves chemicals and very high emissions, obtaining timer is a relatively simple and low-cost process that hasn’t changed for generations.

Using timer flooring can be a waste-less process, as timber is gathered all of the waste can be used as firewood or sawdust, creating a virtually zero waste process.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Technically speaking, Bamboo isn’t actually a wood but instead, it’s a grass. A grass that is unsurprisingly strong and grows at an exorbitantly fast rate making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can be even stronger than wood and is often considered a higher quality. Not only distinctive in quality but bamboo is also a dimensional stable option – reacting well to fluctuating temperatures and humidity making it not only perfect choice for a quality hardwood flooring option but a very practical choice. For a further detailed insight to bamboo, be sure to check out the Wood Database

Bamboo hardwood flooring is also considered eco-friendly, with it classed as a regenerating grass; it grows much faster than alternative hardwood flooring options. The cost to harvest is minimal and requires virtually no pesticides.

Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring For Your Furniture?

When choosing what wooden flooring to use for your furniture pieces, many often think of going the route of laminate flooring over hardwood. Why should you opt for one over the other? Well, read on below for a quick guide to helping you choose.



Hardwood Flooring

  • Robust and not easily damaged or scratched by moving furniture around
  • Hardwood flooring is a man-made product that is crafted from natural materials such as those mentioned above and is often 100% wood.
  • Extremely difficult to install and requires advanced tools – usually installed by a professional
  • More expensive than the laminate alternative
  • Durability – will last a lifetime and more!
  • Well maintained hardwood has a better resale value compared to laminate
  • A more natural and attractive look


Laminate Flooring

  • Easily scratched – can be troublesome moving furniture pieces without marking or damaging laminate
  • Thin fiberboard topped with the appearance of natural wood or stone
  • Extremely easy to install – slots together like a jigsaw
  • A much cheaper alternative than hardwood flooring
  • Durability – If well kept a maximum of 10 years. Water scratches and wear and tear can dramatically shorten the lifespan of laminate flooring
  • Little re-sale value in comparison to hardwood
  • From a distance, some higher quality laminate can look like hardwood but up close, not so much. A frequent problem with laminates is the repetitive pattern used to frequently.

For a more in-depth guide be sure to check out Freshome’s extensive list here.

As you have probably gathered, hardwood flooring is a quality addition to any household and perfect for placing an array of furniture pieces on, it may be more expensive and harder to install than its counterpart but offers aesthetics and longevity combined. Providing your budget can stretch to solid hardwood and you can get it professionally installed, this is usually the better choice out of the two. For the ultimate in hardwood flooring be sure to check out MacWoods for the ultimate selection in hardwood flooring.


Where to use Hardwood Flooring and How to Furnish and Treat?

Over decades hardwood flooring has become a hugely popular material for covering your floors. Once installed, it can look exceptional in any setting (modern or vintage), low maintenance, extremely durable and can look absolutely gorgeously stunning.

Hardwood flooring is timeless, so weather you opt to use in it your modern & contemporary styled dining room or use it for a French style country cottage living room, the results will always be stylish and never going out of trend


Treating Hardwood Flooring in Your Bathroom  

The bathroom is one of the most practical rooms to have hardwood flooring in. With many spills from the bath or sink units, hardwood flooring makes it extremely easy to simply wipe the floor dry without having to worry. Not to mention, natural wood in a bathroom helps keep warmth in and looks stunning in virtually any interior design scheme. Below we have opted to place a vintage French style vanity unit on a natural hardwood floor, the results can be simply breathtaking.

Before you go ahead, it’s worth considering that additional care when installing wood flooring in your bathroom is required;

  • Waterproof Finish – Simple as it may sound, make sure to use a waterproof coating on the wood so liquid doesn’t wear away the woods protective layer
  • Installation – Opt to have your wood flooring installed with adhesive or a ‘click together’ method. Traditionally, wood flooring was installed by nailing planks directly to the sub-floor, this can create small holes that moisture would eventually find its way into thus damaging the structural compound


Transform any Basement with Hardwood Flooring

Your initial thought might be: why would I choose wood flooring for my basement? But choosing hardwood for your basement can transform even the daintiest and dull basements into a brighter, attractive and liveable room. Similar to the bathroom, opting for hardwood can help keep it warm and welcoming.

Unfortunately, water damage to basements isn’t a rarity, so follow the steps below stringently before installing;

  • All pipes and machinery that requires water are fully intact
  • Keep a humidifier to check humidity levels
  • A sump pump is available and in working order
  • Moisture barrier is installed
  • Irrigation – make sure grade level water moves away from the house or is diverted successfully

Furnishing Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Warmth, beauty, and cosiness combined… nothing quite beats a tranquil and beautiful bedroom by having solid hardwood flooring. Making furniture stand out and providing elegance in a plethora of interior design schemes, hardwood is the ultimate flooring choice for furnishing any bedroom.

Once the flooring is done, it’s now time to furnish your new hardwood flooring bedroom. For the highest quality in antique French style or Modern furniture be sure to check out Homesdirect365

Take the beautiful examples below, a distinctive antique French style bed and stunning silver french style chest has been placed on wooden bedroom flooring.

Estelle Antique French Style Bed


La Rochelle 2 Drawer Antique French Style Chest

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