Move home or renovate and redecorate which one would you choose?

It is now obvious that your home is not in good shape. You are disgusted by most of its features. This leaves you with two options. The first one is to vacate it and move to a better place. The second option is to renovate and redecorate it. Which one should you choose? This matter is complicated by the fact that each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Before making a final decision, there are several issues that you need to weigh. Here is a complete guideline that can help you to make the right choice, and a few ideas of furniture & accessories that we stock that you may wish to use.


Analyze your neighbourhood

Moving houses means that you will go to a new location that perhaps has new features like Victorian or a Cottage farmhouse style which fits in perfectly with our shabby chic & French furniture range. The home may have different rules like a Grade listed building which may also effect how you choose to have your interior. Before you decide to move, ask yourself whether you are happy with your neighbourhood. Do your neighbours make you happy or do they turn your life into a nightmare? Does the neighbourhood have both basic and luxurious amenities? Are the infrastructures in good condition? These are just some of the things that you should ask before moving.

If you enjoy every aspect of your neighbourhood, then there is no need to move. You can just renovate and redecorate your house. However, if you are not happy with the home and want to have a fresh canvas then take the leap and move to a better house and kit it out with some of our lovely items.


Victorian Grade Listed BuildingVictorian Grade Listed Building


Victorian Antique French Style Bed

Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material comes this stunning bed from the Victorian collection, is a fantastic must have addition for your home. Style White Bed


Victorian Antique French Style Wardrobe

Featured here we have the exceptional Antique French Wardrobe from the Victorian collection, with centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring. Style White Wardrobe



Victorian Antique French Style Dressing Table Set

This marvellous dressing table set from the Victorian collection adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. Antique Style White Dressing Table Set


Furniture Storage Cost

Both moving and renovating your home will require movement of furniture. You may require some temporary shelter for your furniture if you decide to renovate to keep it protected from damage, here is a site called “What Storage” that lists various storage facilities by postcode . The furniture can stay at your chosen storage until the house is fully renovated and decorated. The issue of buying furniture is  still something you might need to do when you are moving because sometimes people like to furnish a new home with new furniture rather than move in the old. Unless of course you revamp it shabby chic style, but its always easier to buy and often a better quality.


Not every storage facility is ideal!Furniture Storage Warehouse



Social and economic reasons

Social reasons such as your family can determine whether you move out or just stay and renovate the house. For instance, if you don’t want to keep transferring your kids to different schools, you may opt to renovate the house and continue staying in it.

Renovation can also be the best option for someone whose home is relatively near a workplace. If you want to cut down on your transport cost, you may consider staying.

The same issue can still motivate you to move. If you intend to live near your business or workplace which is located miles away, moving may be the best option.


Time factor

What is your level of patience? Each project has its time frame, and your level of patience will determine the option that you will use. A major renovation and redecoration may take a lot of time to be implemented.

First, you will have to come up with ideas on how the new home should be. The next hurdle is to implement and refine the redecoration. The process can be lengthy, and any impatient person may find it irritating especially when using things like the Dewy Colour system to carefully plan your home based on the moods you want different rooms which by the way is real, mood is effected by colour.

Moving can also be time-consuming especially when you have not decided on where you want to go and certainly very stressful. However, if you have already found your next house, the process will only take a few hours. Some minor renovations can also take a few hours.

You only need to analyse and compare the two factors before making a decision. Despite the time factor, being patient can save you. The renovation may take some time, but you may end up getting what you wanted.

Any home that incorporates our shabby chic or French style furniture will look outstanding especially if you use our full sets, throw in a few of our accessories and make it even more unique.


Silver Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet

With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Antique French TV Cabinet, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. French Style TV Cabinet



Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console Table

The Avignon Collection will bring a subtle glamour to your home, especially if you add this Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console Table to your living space. French Style Console Table



Colorado Shabby Chic Bookcase

And now, introducing the Colorado range. This set of furniture is a beautiful modern yet old fashioned dining set. Shabby Chic Bookcase



Whether you have decided to move or renovate and redecorate, you need to be careful with how you handle your furniture. Unless you intend to buy new furniture for the new house, any mishandling can result in heavy losses. Storing them in a safe place during the transition period can shield them from various forms of damages.
Once you have decided to move or renovate and decorate your house, get a reliable teamto handle the process for you.


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Move home or renovate and redecorate which one would you choose
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