How to create a French themed home

The French are known for their elegance and style especially when it comes to fashion. And it isn’t only in fashion that the French excel. They have the natural gift for making beautiful homes. Most of us desire such homes but we cannot all move to France. However, there are ways that you can use to bring France into your home.

Have you ever asked yourself how the French make such beautiful homes?


The French Furniture Secrets

Homes Direct 365 have some tips from the French that you can adopt when styling your home.



  • History

French homes are steeped in history. The French achieve this through such ways as hanging antiques on the walls. Furthermore, you should try to blend history with more contemporary designs. This will contribute greatly to the style.

French style shabby chic coat rack



French style shabby chic iron watering can key hooks


French style shabby chic heart shaped wall hooks




  • “Effortlessness”

Simply put, do not try too hard. Try to keep things as simple as you can. You should try not to stick to a particular style. Be imaginative instead of sticking with one theme and you will be impressed.

Simplisitic French style theme



  • Colors

Colors are the best way to liven up your design and also the best way to mix historical designs with more contemporary ones. Neutral colors can also achieve the French theme but you cannot really have fun with them.

bakersfield grey antique french style bed


Estelle collection bedroom shot white and pastel green


  • Reuse and Recycle

There are a lot of ways in which you can add some style to your French home by reusing and recycling. The benefit of this is that you can add a unique touch to your home while benefiting the environment.

Worn distressed French style shabby chic furniture



French Design in Different Rooms

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate French design in the different rooms of your home.


  • Kitchen

The kitchen is one place where you can easily combine historical design and more modern designs. For instance, you can have the cabinet doors and the furniture given an old rustic feel. Reusable wood can serve this purpose very well. Then, to add a bit of color, you can give the walls a coat of yellow paint. This will add the modern feel to the kitchen you can browse our full range on Homes Direct 365.

You can experiment with the curtains but anything with a floral pattern will work. When it comes to the accessories, you can let your imagination run wild. A visit to the thrift shop will get you stuff like old tin cans for utensils or some display items to put on the shelves. Overhead lighting will give your kitchen some extra style and you can even go big with a chandelier.


Amberly French style shabby chic chopping block for the kitchen


  • Dining Room

The table and chairs can be the of dark colored or white-painted wood. You can also have mismatched vintage chairs for a cheap and unique setting. You can also spruce up the walls with some antiques for a more traditional feel. For a more modern feel, you can have a color like yellow or green on the walls. In the dining room, you can experiment with the lighting but you have to make sure that it keeps on with the decor. You can have a chandelier or for more style, you can go for standing lamps.


Antique French style dining table set with chairs


Davenport Rectangular French style dining table and chair set


Cafe white antique French style chairs


Cafe black antique French style chairs



  • Living room

The living room is where most people at home relax and gather. It is, therefore, important that it gets a special touch. The furniture can be made from recycled wood and you can even create replicas of French furniture. You can even get authentic French furniture even though that might be a bit expensive.

For the walls, you can be adventurous you can combine blue or beige paint and wallpaper to create color patterns that will give the room a unique feel. Furthermore, you can add some paintings to the walls for an extra personal touch. You can drape the windows with heavy curtains if you wish to capture an ancient French theme. You can go big with the lighting and get a crystal chandelier or you can keep it simple and have some lampstands.


Grey antique French style coffee table


French style shabby chic coffee table


Antique French style corner TV Unit



Mahogany antique French style TV Unit



  • Bedroom

Paris is sometimes referred to as the city of love and romance and there is no reason why should add that to your bedroom. You can do something unique like getting a metal bed if you wish to capture classic French culture. The bed can also be made off carved out wood for a more stylish design which we have a large number of here at Homes Direct 365.

Your bedroom walls can match your personality and you can give them the color of your choice. In addition, experiment with the lighting for a unique feel.


Baroque French bedroom furniture setBaroque Collection


Montpellier blanc French bedroom furniture setMontpellier Blanc Collection


Estelle French bedroom furniture setEstelle Collection


La Rochelle French bedroom furniture setLa Rochelle Collection




As you can see from the above, the French style has a wide room for modification for you to add a personal touch. Be free and imaginative and you will be amazed at the results.

The amount of time required to your switch your home to a French design will depend on what exactly you want to do. If you desire a short modification period, you can first source all the accessories needed before modification can begin.



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