Never mind interior, revamp your exterior and garage

Your home is your proud possession as you may have spent your lifelong savings on it. So, enhancing its beauty with the right furniture and accessories is significant to make it more stunning. But, many homeowners spend their time, money, and effort to decorate the interior of the house. What they forget is that the exterior holds more appeal to the guests and other people. Therefore at Homes Direct 365 we say you need to augment the beauty of the exterior of your home to make the overall visual appeal enticing. Focusing on the exterior design of the areas like the gardens, garage, and the outhouse is important to make your home look elegant and stunning. So, what can you do about it? The best method is to decorate your exterior space with the exquisite range of antique French style furniture and decorating accessories to create a unique yet stylish look. The antique French style furniture has a romantic appeal as it reminds you of the golden sunlight, mesmerizing fields, and rustic charm.

French style garden decor on wall



Decorating your outhouse may seem like an extravagant cost, but the stylish design can achieve a seamless harmony to your home. The relaxed vibe coming from the French design will make our home look warm and inviting. Get creative with the following factors to make our outhouse exude the rustic, old world charm.

  • Colors: Using the mustard gold, lemony yellow, gentle greens, soft purples, red to rust with the black and grey can offer the wall simplicity. It creates a cheery environment that compliments the appeal of your home.

  • Furniture: Ditch the ordinary furniture and opt for the French style furniture that is also known as the peasant furniture. The simple yet intricate design can improve the look of the outhouse as the highly ornate style can make a powerful visual impact. The cane panel inserts and rustic carvings along with the lightly stained wood tones of the furniture. The outdoor furniture and table bases using distressed metal or wrought iron also adds a mystical beauty to your outhouse.

  • Lighting Accessories: Imbibing the charm of the French countryside with the metal chandeliers of unpolished metal or bronze adorned with crystal droplets, wall sconces, and lanterns, using accents of damask in the shades of the outhouse, etc. can create a romantic ambiance. You will feel happy and loved by the beautiful accessories.


French garden table and chairs set

Avalon antique French style garden bench



Large rose glass lantern


Rustic French antique style lantern lighting



For many people, the garage is just a space to park the car, but it has more functions than you can imagine. It can function as an automotive shop, storage center, a tool shed, or your entertainment area to invite friends and family members. You can enhance the style of the garage according to your needs, if the antique style does not feel like the right style for a garage or you fear the dirt, dust and grime might ruin the furniture then perhaps opt for a more modern durable type of garage decor. You can find everything from units, shelves, flooring and cabinets at places like Garage Solutions . You can add style and character to your garage by revamping it with the antique French style designs but there is no reason why you cant have a modern garage and a French style exterior. A stunning garage can change the appeal of the exterior design by making it more beautiful and elegant. The French style garage doors can become a great addition to your exterior appeal. The rustic garage features can enhance the overall external appeal of your home and make it stand apart from the others. Though it has an old world look, it makes your home look more welcoming and warm to your guest and family members who will feel comfortable in the space and if you opt for the modern garage interior then you get the best of both worlds.

Ping pong red garage cabinet themeimage source


The garden is the extra room that you need to furnish with care as it contributes to the overall visual appeal of your home. The garden needs your special thought and care to transform its regular appearance into a stunning space. Add glamour and glitz to the patio or deck with the French garden tables. Add a charming hideaway in your garden with the French antique bistro tables and chairs. A creative idea can make your usual garden space different from others, so include stone ornaments that will reflect the character.

  • French Garden Tables: Place the French antique Charcuterie table in your garden to enjoy the breakfast with serenity. The weathered yet robust furniture can add character to our garden space.

  • French Trellis Frames: The garden equipment with the countryside charm can ass superior touch to your garden irrespective of its size.

  • Antique Garden Ornaments: You can think out-of-the-box and add a French sundial as an accessory in your garden to create a stunning atmosphere. You can hold the visual interest of others on your garden with the sundials that can also tell you the time in an ancient way without checking your mobile phones.

Adding the garden French style furniture and accessories can have a positive impact on the exterior design of your home as it will make it elegant, comfortable, and humble. It will create a good impression in the minds of our guests as they can feel the warmth and love exude from your home.

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  • Metal Garden Trellis Archway
  • Cherub Garden Figure
  • Cherub Garden Figure
  • James The Gnome Bird Feeder
  • Mo The Gnome
  • Natural Stone Effect Fountain
  • Natural Stone Effect Fountain
  • Wooden Boat Big Rack
  • Garden Urn
  • Square Garden Planter
  • Large and Small Erotion Balls
  • Lamp Ranting
  • Solar Bird Light
  • Solar Garden Light
  • Antique French Style Planter Stands (Set of 2)

French antique style bistro table

Hampton French style shabby chic rocker

Antique French style garden cherub

3 Tier French style plant vase stand

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