Mirrored Furniture – A Trend Not a Fashion Movement

In the interior design industry, words such as ‘in trend’ or ‘fashion movement’ are thrown around relentlessly. When looking to summarise an interior design style or a products appearance, the aforementioned words no doubt will be used. So, what do we actually mean by ‘trend’ and ‘fashion movement’? And why is mirrored furniture a trend?


The Trendy Trends Are Unstoppable

With furniture or interiors, a design trend simply comes down to adoption. A person or group of people who define a particular product or style as ‘cool’ integrate this within their lifestyle, if it really is a cool trend, this will then get adopted.

Trends in the furniture and interior design industry aren’t going to stop. The 70`s brought us the floral pink trend, the 80`s was, well, everything fur, the late 90`s was the huge minimalistic approach up until present day where mirrored furniture is the most recent beautiful innovation.

If you like the in-trend design or are like me and prefer to have and or to innovate the latest ‘in trend’ interior decor then embrace it! Some trends evolve and change and if it really is cool, then there’s no hiding as mass adoption will occur.

Trend or Movement

Unlike trends, movements don’t come and go. Movement’s will stay until they are no longer needed. Generally, movements are replaced by something superior as it is no longer of practical or of fashionable use.


The Venetian Mirrored Furniture Trend

Named after the beautiful city of Venice where mirrors originated and heavily inspired by the Venetian period of time, mirrored furniture is certainly the current trend at the forefront of innovative design styles.

Initially, mirrored furniture was crafted with clear glass panels and designed with a practical and simplistic approach. However, like all trends, craftsmen and innovative designers have been elaborating on the classic mirrored furniture piece to create a trend of wonderful decorative and sometimes elaborate trendy mirrored furniture pieces. A full beautiful collection of classic or elaborate mirrored furniture pieces can be found online from Homesdirect365.

Aaron from Essential Home & Garden has noticed a trend of sensory gardens. These are areas designated to creativity and none typical garden features to arouse sensations of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight with the latter often utilising various types of mirrors, mirrored objects and mirrored furniture. A very interesting topic that we had not come across before with many great examples and descriptions online also covered by The Guardian.


The Classic Mirrored

Created using clear cut glass and often wood, the simplistic mirrored furniture is what initially started the trend. With a classic design, these pieces will fit in practically any setting.


Romano Mirrored Bedside 3 Drawerhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/romano-mirrored-bedside-3-drawer-p2074


Romano Crystal Slim Venetian Mirrored Bedside https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/romano-crystal-slim-venetian-mirrored-bedside-p49224


Romano Mirrored Dressing Table Sethttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/romano-mirrored-dressing-table-set-p6302

Elaborate Mirrored Pieces

With the classic mirrored furniture gaining much popularity and settings trends, designers began experimenting with different takes on mirrored furniture. This led to the experimentation of using gold frames with mirrors, crystal handles, patterned mirrored surfaces, and even a curved mirrored front or crushed glass design on pieces.


Rome Mirrored Chest of Drawershttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/rome-mirrored-chest-of-drawers-p45296


Sassari Mirrored Tallboy Chesthttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/sassari-mirrored-tallboy-chest-p38628


Paris Mirrored Dressing Table Sethttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/paris-mirrored-dressing-table-set-p47124


The Future of Mirrored Furniture

With mirrored furniture being the new ‘in trend’ it’s impossible to determine when, or if, this trend will end. It may have the same timeless appeal to future generations as the always in trend shabby chic or antique French furniture, from the 12th century up until present shabby chic and French furniture has always been a popular timeless choice.

Whilst it’s impossible to predict the future of mirrored furniture and furniture trends, what we do know is that mirrored furniture is evolving and growing and is at the forefront of interior design.


Sassari Mirrored Collectionhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/contemporary-modern-furniture-c2050/mirrored-furniture-c2078/matching-ranges-c2376/sassari-mirrored-collection-c2387


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