2019 Home Decorating Trends – Parisian & Shabby Chic

A lot of people wonder what is shabby chic? It is a style of interior decor that uses soft furnishings and accessories to portray a pleasingly old, and slightly used look. While the Parisian style is a mix of classic vintage and contemporary modern designs, the exquisite mix of old and new; such as a sleek and beautiful design is balanced by a vintage feel. These are both popular trends that Homes Direct 365 attend to, with our huge selection of products on our website.


Living Room Decor

The living room is the heart of the home and the most used room when it comes to inviting over guests and family. Keep it styled how you want it, but also up to date with the most recent trends. Below are two stunning coffee tables and a coat stand from Homes Direct 365 that have an amazing Parisian and shabby chic vibe. Just a few small pieces like this could help transform your living room into a stylish space.

Antique French Style Coffee Table



Grey Antique French Style Coffee Table

Shabby Chic and French Style Coffee Table in Grey and Natural Wood



IsaBella Shabby Chic Coat Stand

Shabby Chic Coat Stand in Dusk Grey and White



Modern Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Grey shabby chic furniture has been quite popular lately. These items below are in fact shabby chic but also french style, giving us that Parisian feel too. While this console table and corner TV cabinet are quite the glamorous and luxury piece you can see how they’ve been made to look distressed with the paint, but then elegant and modern again with the crystal handles and beautiful curved designs. Pieces like this will definitely be a trend in 2019, due to there stunning balance of shabby chic and Parisian style.


Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console TableSilver Shabby Chic Single Drawer




Parisian Shabby Chic Decor

If you don’t want to change all your interior in your home to shabby chic or Parisian, just add a few accessories! The images bellow contain accessories of the two styles and proves how adding these small items to your home will still give off a edgy look. Here are a few links to all some accessories also found on Homes Direct 365.


Antique French Style Large Nero VaseLight pink antiue french style nero vasehttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/antique-french-style-large-nero-vase-p43939


Louis Shabby Chic 5 Drawer Tallboy

Shabby Chic Style 5 Set Drawer



 I Love You 4 Drawer Shabby Chic Cabinet4 Drawer Shabby Chic Cabinethttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/i-love-you-4-drawer-shabby-chic-cabinet-p48759


Iron Antique French Style FirescreenAntique French Style Fire Screen made from Ironhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/iron-antique-french-style-firescreen-p49109


Even the simplest of additions can transform what ever room you decide to put them it… Not every room needs to be Parisian and shabby chic to keep up with this trend, just a few small pieces can change the outlook on someones home.

Also who says you can only style the inside of your home, why not keep up with the trends in your outside space too and transform your garden with some of the outdoor benches from the website.

Shabby Chic decorating accessories aren’t hard to find, neither are Parisian. Find a wide range of these items on Homes Direct 365.


French Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas & Trends

French and Parisian beds and other furniture are all about the curves and designs. While shabby chic bedroom items appear to be slightly distressed, they give off a vintage vibe too. Bedroom furniture such as dressing tables, bed frames, wardrobes and mannequins will all portray the style that you are looking for. Also a lot of people have been getting vintage shabby chic wall art but french wall panels have also been a trend. A lot of interior designers have been saying how plain and original walls are out and that panels and classic wall art is making a return. Shop now on Homes Direct 365!


Monochrome Botanical Trio Framed Art

Monochromatic Trio Flower Painting




Ballerina Antique French Style MannequinBallerina French Style Mannequinhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/ballerina-antique-french-style-mannequin-p37322


La Rochelle Antique French Dressing Table Set

La Rochelle Antique Dressing Table Set



La Rochelle Antique French Style Wardrobe

White Antique French Style Wardrobehttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/la-rochelle-antique-french-style-wardrobe-p16632


In conclusion, both of these are beautiful styles adopted by many interior designers. Shabby chic and the Parisian interior decor look go amazing together due to ones distressed but pleasing look and the others vintage designs. Decorate your home with one or even both of these looks and you will be sure to impress.


Home Accessories (French)



Homes Direct 365  Lounge –  Console Tables (Shabby Chic)



Homes Direct 365 Dining Display Cabinets  (Shabby Chic)



Homes Direct 365 Bedroom Furniture (Shabby Chic) 



Homes Direct 365  Beds (French)



Homes Direct 365 Home Bars (Shabby Chic)



Homes Direct 365 Bathroom Furniture (Shabby Chic)



Homes Direct 365  Children’s Furniture (French)



Homes Direct 365 Dining Furniture (French)



Homes Direct 365 Garden Furniture (French)


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