Dressing Tables Your Own Personal Styling Station

A dressing table is two things – an iconic and flattering piece of decor, and a functional piece of equipment that helps you look your best as you step out of your room into the world. So, a dressing table, vanity tables or makeup desk whichever term you prefer should make both you and your home look good.

But how much do you know about these amazing personal styling stations?


Diverse Styles and Options

Today, there are many types of dressing tables. And not only that, they also feature a diverse selection of design styles. Some come accessorized with a variety of features so that you have a place your jewellery and make up (hence why some people call these “makeup desks“). But its not all about how much a dressing table can help you dress up. It should also help make your room a little more luxurious and sophisticated.

Style options at Homes Direct 365 range from classic to modern. So, if you like vintage designs, then you will not be disappointed. The same case applies to lovers of modern contemporary designs. Collections of vanity tables make the process of choosing the right dressing table for your house and your needs a lot easier.

For instance, you might be in favor of white dressing tables, or even Baroque style alternatives. All these are available in a variety of personal styles to ensure that your personal design options are met.

Some of these tables are quite innovative too. Today, there are dressing tables & vanity desks that are designed to have mirrors that rotate 360 degrees for a more convenient use experience. Gorgeous carvings, splendid decorations, and other features make such vanity tables a delight to have in your room.

How well-featured the table is also something you get to choose as well. For instance, while tales will have a single drawer, others can have as many as 5 drawers. Similarly, some might not come with a stool. That is not a given as some people think. However, the best dressing tables have a stool as well, and that should make their use more convenient.


Montpellier Blanc Dressing Table SetMontpellier Blanc Dressing Table Set in Natural Woodhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/montpellier-blanc-dressing-table-set-p31383



Bordeaux Shabby Chic Dressing Table SetIvory Bordeaux Dressing Table Sethttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/bordeaux-shabby-chic-dressing-table-set-p16626



La Rochelle Black Antique French Dressing Table SetBlack French Style Dressing Table Set, Stool & Mirrorhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/la-rochelle-black-antique-french-dressing-table-set-p10934



Why Get a Dressing Table, Vanity Desk, Makeup Desk?

A great dressing table should be an excellent start to the day. Few things can be as uplifting as sitting at an adorable dressing table, making yourself look your best and contemplating the beautiful day that awaits you. Just look at the fine example below, its almost a piece of art as opposed to a functional dressing table but what makeup desk to have to start your day.


Silver Antique French Style Dressing Table SetSilver French Style Dressing Table Set with Mirror & Stoolhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/silver-antique-french-style-dressing-table-set-p5340


How to Pick a Dressing Table

When choosing a dressing table, there are a couple of things to consider. The first and the most obvious step is to settle on the design preference you have in mind. Not all tables are designed the same; and people’s tastes differ considerably. That is why you have to ask yourself – what is my design preference?

Once you have figured that out, you have to consider what you need the table for. Typically, it should help you dress up properly. But there is more to a dressing table than that. For instance, a dressing table could have some drawers where you can put your brushes, combs, make up and other stuff so that the things you need to dress up are within easy reach.

Also, although the mirror is the centerpiece of any makeup desk, you also need to figure out just how large of a mirror you need. Some people would like the mirror to be as large as possible, while others don’t mind a dressing table with a medium sized mirror.

For a little more cash, you can enjoy a few more conveniences as well. These include a cushioned stool, soft close drawers, and sturdier and more durable construction material. An adjustable mirror is also a premium feature, and its worth pursuing as it allows you to bend the mirror downwards and in any direction suitable for you as you use the dressing table.

Some premium dressing tables even have a glass table top that is very easy to clean up. And if you want a dressing table with plenty of space to place and display your make up accessories, or even place a flower vase or a c, then this is an option you have as well.


La Rochelle Antique French Dressing Table Set (Size: Large)https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/la-rochelle-antique-french-dressing-table-set-size-large-p29324White Dressing Table Set - French Antique Style



Baroque Gold Leaf Antique French Dressing Table SetGold Leaf Dressing Table Set - French Baroque Stylehttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/baroque-gold-leaf-antique-french-dressing-table-set-p34242



La Rochelle Antique French Silver Dressing Table Sethttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/la-rochelle-antique-french-silver-dressing-table-set-p16610Dressing Table Set, French Style in Silver



Raphael Antique French Style Dressing Table SetAntique French Style Dressing Table Set in Mahoganyhttps://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/raphael-antique-french-style-dressing-table-set-p41132





If you don’t have a dressing table, vanity table or makeup desk already, it is the high time you had one. These pieces of furniture can change your life in several great ways. In addition to being excellent decor pieces that can infuse a lot of sophistication to your house, they can also ensure that you leave your house feeling confident and energized every time.


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