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Are you in consideration of getting a new interior, Shabby chic decor to bring into your home in 2019? With Homes Direct 365 furniture and shabby chic range there are so many things you can choose from, from our outstanding shabby chic furniture to our alluring , beautiful, shabby chic accessories. When deciding your new shabby chic decor that you would like to bring into 2019, they are a few things to contemplate. The first and most straightforward thing to think about is to come to a decision on how you would like your home / room to look. Shabby chic furniture and accessories adds a hint of glamour and elegance to any room. If you like a very French vintage look , then, this style is perfect for you.



Shabby Chic Decorating

Love the Shabby Chic styled look? Have your room feeling wonderful with our gorgeous shabby chic decor. Want to give your room that homely like , cosy feel to start off the beginning of your 2019?  Give your home a very vintage taste by adding some of our luxurious shabby chic designed furniture to your room. If you love a soft subtle and vintage look then shabby chic would be the perfect decor for you. A wonderfully styled design with a very primitive scheme. Our shabby chic accessories include a alluring and amazing range of items , e.g drawers, coat stands and amazing shabby chic clocks. Decorate your room wonderfully with the unreal shabby chic accessories we have awaiting for you today brought by Homes Direct 365. Join along and introduce yourself to the amazing items we have waiting to be brought to a new home.



                                                                                                                                   Shabby chic coat hanger with storage Shabby chic style cream coat hanging unit with storage & wood effect surface




Shabby Chic Wall Clock

Charcoal - black - patterned shabby chic style wall clock




Shabby Chic Accessories For The Home

Our Shabby Chic Accessories include some of the most amazing items which are our clocks, photo frames , table lamps , stands and plenty more that will not disappoint. Looking for a better Shabby Chic Bedroom in 2019 ? Start of your year perfectly by sprucing up your room with some of these amazing accessories we have ready for you to make them your own today. A gorgeous addition to go along nicely with our Shabby Chic furniture we also have put in for you. A glorious designed range that can be added and coordinated with our pretty shabby chic accessories. Sprinkle some happiness and comfort into your room by just adding our gorgeous items.



           Shabby chic chrome glass table lamp Shabby chic chrome and glass table lamp



Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby chic style range, here at Homes Direct 365 is formidable to describe in just a few words, but its stunning style leaves a invigorating and uplifting feel to your spacious area. Shabby chic is designed to give you that bespoken , old fashioned look.  A gorgeous feel to your home by adding some of our stunning furniture to give your room a beautiful style. The style of this beautiful range of furniture/items is a delicate vintage style and gives out the perfect impression of a very exclusive, calming decorated room. Giving your room the shabby chic style will give it a more vintage and older fashioned feel. Making your room feel more awake and by adding our shabby chic accessories from Homes Direct 365 can give you that shabby style you have been wanting.



Shabby chic style dressing table Shabby chic antique french style dressing table set in white


Elizabeth Shabby Chic Antique Style Floor-standing Mirror

Tall slim antique style shabby chic wall mirror



Shabby Chic Interior Design

Want to make your home more noticeable ? Want to make it feel more alive? Now you most definitely can. By welcoming the shabby chic furniture and shabby chic accessories from HomesDirect 365 you can do just that. Have a brand new whole room to start of the beginning of 2019 with. Its never to late to get your orders in now and we can have you a new fantastic , Shabby Chic styled looking home in no time. The gorgeous, absolutely outstanding, shabby chic accessories are perfect to add volume and luminosity to your home and have it feel more welcoming.



Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside





Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

When choosing your bedroom decor they are a few things to consider and a few questions you will want to ask yourself such as ; How do you want your room to look? Is shabby chic definitely the choice for me ? Well we have the answer to that . If you want your room decorated beautifully in a lovely shabby chic decor and interior , make your room pretty and stand out then this is the perfect choice for you. Make your room the main room of the house with our beautiful shabby chic accessories. Ranging from our beds to bedside tables and cabinets. HomesDirect 365 have the perfect range for you to choose from that you will definitely love. Give them a check and don’t miss out!



La Rochelle Shabby Chic Antique Style Wardrobe




Chic Silver Shabby Chic Dressing Stool



Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas Living Room

Are you looking for a new designed living room-preferably shabby chic? Then Homes Direct 365 is the right place for you.  A beautiful range of furniture and accessories to make your living room pop! Gorgeous pieces of shabby chic furniture and accessories available and just right for you. Don’t miss out on this beautiful furniture we have here. You will not be disappointed with what we have to offer. Shabby chic is a very trendy style that will never go out of fashion regardless of how vintage it looks. The cottage looking , old fashioned furniture will emphasise your whole living room as it is one of the first rooms that people will be entering as soon as they arrive into your amazing shabby chic designed house .



Studley Shabby Chic Corner TV Unit

shabby chic corner tv unit, shabby chic furniture , tv units

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