15 Small Living Room Ideas for French Interior Design

You spend most of your indoors time in the living room. Because of that, its design must not be neglected, especially if you don’t want to be depressed at all times. Besides looking good, the room must also feel comfy and make you feel at peace.

If you’ve ever been impressed by the elegance of French interior and décor, you’d surely be interested in adding the same finesse to your living room. If you’re up for an elegant and iconic design, HomesDirect365.co.uk shares ideas that will help.

1. Add Lighting

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Light is absolutely crucial, especially given the amount of time we spend in the living room. The atmosphere needs to be warm and welcoming, and a poorly-lit room will seem rather macabre.


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If you’re a fan of the dramatic French style, you should definitely consider adding a chandelier.

Chandeliers and especially cut glass chandeliers are simply gorgeous, and in a small living room, they will create just the right amount of light to keep you going with your activities. Of course, there are many other pleasing designs for contemporary lighting, lantern lighting and beautiful wall lights to choose from.


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2. Don’t Make Everything Perfect

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Don’t let your inner perfectionist dictate the way you live and design a room. Whereas some interior design trends are obsessed with the idea of a perfectly arranged home, the French has taken freedom, allowing imperfection to settle beautifully.

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Not everything has to be perfect. In fact, imperfection comes with a certain sense of charm. As such, if you wish to embrace the French style, then you have to consider adding pieces that don’t follow a perfect shape. This can be done in multiple ways, either through a crooked hardwood door or stained chair.

As a result, the place will look like people are indeed living there and down to Earth.

3. Mix New with Old

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Turn your living room into a mixture of old and new. For instance, you can have modern furniture or electronics all over the room, while mixing them with an old artwork or just any vintage looking décor that you like.

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Try wall art too!



Or maybe more french furniture? Or A shabby chic laundry basket:




4. Embrace Contradictions

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Instead of going for a clean look, you can consider doing a mix of items that seemingly don’t go well together. Although it’s an idea that may seem too weird at first, you’ll notice that things that don’t go well together usually create the most creative spaces. It’s a great way to add your dash of personality.

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5. Don’t Settle for One Colour Only

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You might have noticed that certain interior styles are composed by using one dominating colour. While it’s a pleasant sight, this is not what you should be going for if you want to achieve the French style.

For a French design, it would be ideal to mix various styles and shades. It’s more playful and exciting and adds personality.

Further inspiration:

6. Add a Feature Wall

Leaving a wall empty is a no-no because it is only going to make your space look dull. For a more elegant touch, consider adding French patterns and lamps  and to the walls.

There are many designs to choose from, such as floral patterns, or pastoral scenes on light backgrounds. It will emphasise the French style as it adds a vintage touch while still having a contemporary look.


7. A Dash of History

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Have you seen old French family homes full of items that they’ve collected over the years? If you want the element of age, why not incorporate antique style bedroom furniture into the décor? Whether it’s a penchant, a french rug or anything they hold dear, these pieces will add a great traditional touch.

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8. Don’t Forget the Floors

Flooring is also an essential part of this style, so you need to know the proper materials and rugs that will compose the design. The French love floors made of stone, hardwood, and slate. If you go with this option, you will achieve the look. Moreover, you should make sure to add rugs that match the décor of the living room, whether it’s contemporary or traditional.

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9. Forget About Trends

Trends have little impact when it comes to French interior design. While the latest bestseller changes all the time, French fundamentals remain still. Over time, each generation has contributed to home design with vast creativity, while the classic French interiors stay somewhat consistent. Try to keep the traditional signature alive while maintaining a contemporary look.

10. Consider the French Lifestyle

The most noticeable thing about French interior design is how effortless it looks. However, the style is not only about looks, but lifestyle as well. The things you use for décor should be both useful and reflect your personality. The room might look all over the place, but it’s actually creative and playful.

11. Decorate the Windows

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Another design trick used by the French is adding a floor to ceiling curtains to decorate the windows. Not only that they add a vintage look, but it’s also a way to make the windows seem way larger.

“French windows are particularly tricky to clean and those having such will often neglect it”, says Merin Jay,  a cleaning professional from London.

12. Don’t Forget about the Ceiling

While you may be used to the usual white ceiling, the French are not so fond of it. So, if you want to achieve the French look, decorate it rich to make it more interesting. Don’t hesitate to add lights or paint the ceiling in fun patterns.

13. Incorporate Gold

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What better way to incorporate the vintage French style than by adding some gold? Opt for furniture that has gold parts, such as golden chest of drawers, golden french beds, mirrors or even a throne chair. This way you can add the traditional touch to your living room to put you in a mood each and every day.

14. Add a Tall Mirror

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Achieving the French design is going to be much easier if you use a tall mirror like those you see in old movies. Not only that it’s going to add a vintage air, but it will also create the impression that the room is bigger, which is a great trick for a small living room.

15. Respect French Architecture

An essential tip to remember from French interior designers is always to respect the architecture of the room before you decorate it. Having said that, if you have a fireplace, for example, you can make it the focal point, or decorate a high ceiling with a proper chandelier.

Final remarks

So, if you’re ready to completely change the aspect of your living room and give it a French touch, these ideas should come in handy. Make sure you respect these rules, and you’ll have a cosy and beautiful living room.

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