Cowhide Furniture – Have You Got It In Your Home Yet?

Redecorating a dwelling can be a highly enjoyable activity for virtually anyone, especially if you’re looking to get a new look with something like cowhide leather furniture. 

However, it is often a daunting task to think of unique ways to add a new touch to your outdated decor without having to completely redecorate each room and every room. 

If you are searching for something genuinely unusual, but do not want to entirely redesign your rooms or complete major renovations, cowhide leather decor in the style of cowhide furniture is something you should definitely consider.

Furniture of this kind, such as leather cowhide rugs and leather and cowhide chairs provide the perfect avenue through which to infuse your home with a remarkable flair that your friends and family will lack in their home. This is because the novel designs and patterns of such pieces quickly breathe new life into your home for a cost-effective price. 

Durable, practical and beautiful, thick cowhide leather can easily transform the interior of your home into a fashionable haven, making you the envy of all your friends, family and neighbours.


Cowhide Armchair

HomesDirect365’s Cowhide Armchairs


Choose From Many Impressive Decorating Options

Each piece of furniture which uses cowhide leather material is typically unique in its own way. This is what gives you the option of placing such items in as many areas of your dwelling as you desire without the patterns and themes ever becoming repetitious. 

For instance, you can opt for a leather cowhide rug in brown and white shades and patterns in one room, and then use a set of cowhide leather chairs which feature a completely different colour in another room.

Complementing that with a cowhide leather rug, you can start to see just how durable this unique furniture is.

Cowhide is also a leading choice for those in search of mesmerizing accent pieces which uses soft cowhide leather and napa cowhide leather to achieve this.

For example, a bold patterned cowhide leather fabric accessory can be used to create a striking contrast with other colours or patterns, like goatskin leather (we’ll get more into this later) in a specific area of your dwelling.

Even the addition of just one cowhide upholstery leather piece or accent item can immediately breathe new life into an otherwise drab room in your home. 

Essentially all cowhide items, like a leather and cowhide sofa, make a terrific conversation piece as well, especially as no two items are completely alike – even more if its made from naked leather, which is cowhide taken from the animal and used as is in the creation of the furniture animal.


Superior Texture

A favourite feature among consumers worldwide regarding cowhide is its soft and sumptuous texture. The lush surface of cowhide is something with which synthetic fabrics simply cannot compete. This is because such materials are man made, as opposed to cowhide itself, which is of course natural. 

Whether you’re investing in a set of patchwork cowhide leather rugs for your bedroom, a cowhide storage box for your living room, or a new cowhide ottoman, luxury is more than certainly at your fingertips when you opt for cowhide furnishings. 

A marvelous way to surround yourself with elegance, semi-aniline cowhide leather offers serious competition to other furniture on today’s market.

Cowhide trunk

Cowhide Trunk from HomesDirect365

Blends Well With Any Interior Design

In addition, whether your home’s interior design is rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary, aniline cowhide leather blends flawlessly with virtually any decor.

This is because such furniture is technically in a class by itself, and therefore is not distinctly linked to any particular interior design, even if you’re creating a french themed home

For this reason, unlike other options, cowhide patterns can be added to any room, whether you plan to change the entire theme of the area or simply add a few striking pieces. 

Thus, regardless of how you choose to decorate or how often you change the overall interior design of a room, furniture pieces made with cowhide, like leather cowhide sofa are always appropriate.


Cowhide Ottoman

Cowhide Ottoman from HomesDirect365


Cowhide Also Has Practical features

It is easy to see that cowhide furniture is a lovely and timeless option for almost any home. 

However, authentic cowhide also offers practical qualities as well, which is a fact that many consumers are pleasantly surprised to discover. These qualities include cowhide’s outstanding durability. 

This is why, in addition to its appealing look, furniture made from cowhide such as a cowhide bench or cowhide storage bench can be the perfect storage solution for your home. This is due, in part, to the fact that such furnishings do not have to be replaced as often as pieces made from synthetic materials and fabrics. 

Rather, they retain their attractive appearance even when used on a continuous basis. This means you are guaranteed years of enjoyment from all your semi aniline cowhide leather furniture.

Additionally, furniture of this kind is not difficult to clean and care for, as it is far more stain-resistant than furnishings manufactured from synthetic materials. 

You can efficiently remove stains and spills from the hearty hair-on-hide-surface of cowhide, which ensures that all your new furniture pieces will maintain a beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Cowhide Bench

Cowhide Bench Ringo- HomesDirect365

Goatskin – A Cowhide Alternative

I’ll admit, cowhide isn’t for everyone. Sometimes having such a fabulous material in your home can overwhelm the rest of your furniture, which for many interior styles can be a big nono.

However, there is another material that can be used as an alternative to cowhide, it comes with its own benefits too; elegantly made for any decorative home, something like a goatskin rug can add the style you have always been missing.

Goatskin leather features a lighter look than its cowhide counterpart, which can be useful if you feature lighter shades in the home.

Leather suppliers find that animal rug like goat leather are amongst their most popular pieces since typically the goat fur is a lot smaller than cows; for obvious reasons – allowing them to work beautifully as a smaller addition to the home like accent pieces rather than focal point additions.

If you’re now unsure of what it is you should be adding to your home, goatskin or cowhide; then keep on reading – I’m going to compare the two just for you.

Goatskin Leather vs Cowhide

It all comes down to what you’re using the leather for; but for this comparison, we’ll talk about furniture since it would be unfair to compare them on things we really don’t care about.

Goat skin is just as strong as cowhide, making either choice for a goatskin rug or a cow rug hard to choose from; since there are no advantages – you’ll be more than happy to know the only choice you have to make is based on the way it looks rather than how its going to hold up.

Although, you’ll find that comparing something like a cow skin rug and a goat skin rugs together that there is only one real difference; goatskin rugs tend to be lighter and cheaper.

This difference is more noticeable when we start to talk about other furniture pieces such as goatskin stools and goatskin benches – as this is where the weight will matter if you’re wanting to move the stool around the home for various events.


Goatskin Stool – HomesDirect365



On top of this, goat skin is also smoother – depending on the tanning process but typically this would be true.

Okay, let’s summarize here;

  • Goat hide is cheaper than cowhide
  • Goat leather is lighter than cowhide
  • Goat leather is also smoother (depending on the tanning process)

So, it seems like you should go with a goatskin themed furniture rather than cowhide, right?

Well, it can look like that from this comparison however the thing with leathers is that you’re looking for the right look with the right pattern and sometimes a darker, larger more prominent pattern may be better for your home; cowhide would be a no brainer in this situation.


Goatskin Bench

Goatskin Bench – HomesDirect365


Ultimately, regardless of your individual taste and budget, the perfect cowhide furniture pieces can be found to suit your preferences and if you’re looking for a cheaper and softer alternative that features more light colours; goatskin will be right up your street.


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