Grey Furniture – 2020’s hottest trend

It’s official, grey is the new beige!

But is this just another passing trend or is it here to stay?

We can’t really know for sure, but what we do know is that grey furniture is as beautiful as any other interior design trend that has come about in recent years.

And for that reason, we’re going to pin this one as a trend you’re going to want to get in on, joining the rest of the experts and professionals in the industry.

This is more apparent if you love cool and calm colours in your home that allow you to create a relaxing atmosphere whilst not sacrificing much in the way of practical design or style.

Grey bedroom ideas

We’ll start in the most thought of place room in any home; the bedroom – where we express ourselves the most with furniture!

Grey bedroom furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, typically items like grey oak furniture usually do the best when it comes to styling and adding practicalness to your home. Grey bedrooms also include grey bedding to allow the colouring of the room to stay consistent, even with the focal point piece – which is no surprise, your bed.

Grey rooms don’t only have to feature grey colours, that would be absolutely ludicrous since no rooms look good with just one colour being featured – it is important to feature other accent colours like yellow, reds or even blues to help make it easier on the eyes and not to overuse the colour…let’s talk more about this.

Not just grey

It is important to understand that you can match in with other colours, perhaps having a grey and rose gold bedroom to show your more light and relaxed feel intertwined with a more bolder and eye-catching look; which can be great if you’re looking to add grey bedroom furniture sets with rose gold accent pieces.

Alternatively, you could feature a light grey bedroom furniture or even a dark grey bedroom furniture in your personal haven; perhaps mixing in the styles of grey together alongside something like white to get a grey white bedroom that constantly features a calm and welcoming atmosphere at no cost of being overwhelming.

Other great matching colours can be things like;

  • Purples
  • Reds
  • Silvers 
  • Navy blues
  • Yellows

The list just goes on, grey has almost become the new white or black; in the sense that you can match it with almost anything.

More than one style

Grey oak bedroom furniture usually gets pinned with the whole modern style and we’re unsure why this is. Perhaps it’s something to do with today’s market or just the stereotype around colours like grey and white;

Regardless, we are here to tell you that grey works with almost any style of furniture

Whether you’re looking to add modern grey bedroom furniture in the style of grey oak bedroom furniture which can replace your current decor or if you’re looking to add grey shabby chic furniture such as a grey shabby chic mirror – you can be reassured this grey coloured trend will tick all the boxes for your interior design.

On top of that, you can even look to add french grey furniture to your light grey room which will give you an expensive, elegant, yet calm feel to your interior.

Be sure to add accent colours

One of the most popular styles of grey bedroom furniture sets are ones that feature an accent colour like yellow.

The reason that grey and yellow bedrooms are so popular is that each colour features such opposite characteristics that they end up working so well together. Does that mean yellow decor is back in?

Absolutely not.

But does it mean it can work with this new great interior design trend?

Most certainly.

You could even do things like adding grey bedroom walls to a grey and red bedroom, this way you can simply add accent colours to get your desired look.

A pink grey bedroom is also up there with some of the odder but eye-catching looks you can pull off with grey furniture.

Grey and yellow bedroom accent

Finally, a cost-efficient decor trend

Keeping up with design trends can be annoying, for both you and your wallet.

Thankfully, with the grey wood bedroom furniture, you could most probably be able to get away with turning your current oak furniture into grey painted oak furniture.

Although this is not ideal since you may not do a very good job and you would make a mess of your intended grey bedroom designs and ruin already perfectly good furniture.

Grey painted bedroom furniture can be a tricky one to pull off, especially if you’re also looking to redesign your bedroom with shabby chic furniture, so you should probably leave furniture designs like that one up us, the expert; HomesDirect365.

The way you would go about this is by adding grey wood bedroom furniture to a primarily grey themed bedroom – or even a french themed home – and then you would add grey pink bedroom decor in the style of accent pieces like photo frames and wall mirrors to help achieve the desired look.

Grey bedroom inspiration – some of our favourite pieces

Hopefully, by now, we’ve got you thinking about what sort of bedroom design you’re going to want to end up with. Whether you’re going with one of our suggested modern grey bedroom ideas like rose gold and grey bedroom or a grey and yellow room, you’re going to want to add pieces that can give you this desired look.

This is where we can help…

The following are some of our favourite grey bedroom set pieces that can give you your desired look.

Grey Bedroom Wardrobes

Alongside a modern grey bed, grey bedroom wardrobes are also a focal point piece if you choose the right one.

Some wardrobes can look overwhelming in a small grey bedroom, so we’d recommend opting for a single one if that is the case.

Other than that, you can’t go wrong with adding a large wardrobe to your grey and wood bedroom if you seek to get the grey interior trend everyone can’t seem to stop talking about.

Chloe Grey Antique French Style Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Triple Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe in a bedroom


Richmond Shabby Chic Triple Over 3 Drawer Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe with 2 drawers

Grey shabby chic bedside table

Matching with your wardrobes, you can add a set of grey shabby chic bedside table

These accent pieces are perfect for finishing the look in your haven, along with adding decorative and practical style – something that most furniture may not be able to do on its own.


Etienne Antique French Style Bedside Table – HomesDirect365

Grey 2 drawer bedside table


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Bedside – HomesDirect365

Grey ornate bedside table with 2 drawers


Light Grey Antique French Style Bedside – HomesDirect365

Light grey bedside table

Grey chest of drawers

For storage and for looks, adding a shabby chic grey chest of drawers to your bedroom is another great way of completing the look you desire. 

And because of the adding tabletop space, you can also use it as a place to add your accent colours like the yellows, whites and even blues, which we discussed a little earlier.

Here are some of our favourite chests that we think will get you the look you need:

Bakersfield Grey Antique French Style Tallboy Chest – HomesDirect365

Tallboy chest of drawers


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Chest – HomesDirect365

4 drawer grey chest with ornate details


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Chest – HomesDirect365

Tall chest of drawers

Grey oak bed

And lastly, adding one of our oak grey beds to your home will give you a focal point piece that is going to be able to further accentuate the grey colours and any other accent colours you may already feature.

There are quite a few choices you could go with, depending on the style of your bedroom and the rest of the home;


Grey Oak Bed – HomesDirect365Grey fabric bed


Modern Grey Bed – HomesDirect365

Bisbee modern grey bed


Grey French Bed – HomesDirect365

dark grey bed


Whichever grey painted bed you choose, it will more than certainly give you the look you have been seeking; consequently, it is probably the most important piece in your room if you’re wanting to pull off this look.

If you’re asking yourself, what is a french bed

Grey living room ideas

Continuing on from the bedroom we have arguably the second most important room in the home; the living room.

This is another great place for you to express your grey living room ideas throughout and allow you to create an ambiance in your living area. Since they’re plenty of colours that go with grey, there will be no shortage of ideas in terms of both the grey decor and grey furniture which you can feature.

Just like a bedroom; not just grey

Just like we discussed in the bedroom, it is important to know that you don’t just have to feature greys of all shades to achieve the hottest design trend of 2019; you are able to also feature accent colours like reds and blue to get the desired look whilst still having a space that is calming and relaxing.

There are plenty of modern colours schemes for living room, some of these colours schemes for living rooms consist of;

  • A grey and brown living room
  • Blue and Grey living room
  • And even a grey and cream living room

These are amongst the ‘tame’ range, you could go for pinks and purples if you’re wanting more of a bold look.

Helping to add to the grey style, you can also add accent pieces like grey wall art to be placed on grey walls to help accentuate this particular look.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to convert your living room colours to only featuring grey and another accent colour, having something like a grey feature wall will allow you to set a focal point in your room – this is beneficial if you want to complement some grey furniture you have picked up from HomesDirect365.

Grey living room inspiration – some of our favourites

Just like with our bedroom ranges, we’d like to show you some of our favourite grey living room furniture which you are able to order from our contemporary lounge catalogue today.

Ensuring you are one step closer to getting the grey look your family and friends won’t be able to stop talking about.

Grey sideboard

Just like a chest of drawers is to a bedroom, sideboards are an essential part of your lounge area. Matching with plenty of grey colour schemes, any one of our modern grey sideboards will help you to get the look you desire.

Here are a few of our customer’s favourites:

Grey Antique French Style Sideboard – HomesDirect365

Large grey sideboard


Bisbee Grey Large Sideboard – HomesDirect365Grey sideboard part of the bisbee collection


Grey Wooden Sideboard – HomesDirect365Grey wooden sideboard

Sideboards also work perfectly with any ornaments for the living room due to their tabletop space which can be easily utilised practical with such decorative grey ornaments or something like a grey table lamp.

Grey Fabric Sofa

Grey living rooms or any living room for that matter all need a sofa. They are like what beds are to bedrooms – an essential piece to the room itself, both practically and for style.

Adding any one of our grey corner sofas to your lounge area will give you the look you want, working perfectly with grey living room walls due to its matching colour. And if you’re looking for colours to go with grey than what can be better than a grey leather sofa – dark or light.

Grey Fabric Sofa – HomesDirect365

grey fabric sofa


Grey Sofa – HomesDirect365Grey sofa


Grey Odense Sofa – HomesDirect365Grey odense sofa

Grey TV Cabinet

A grey tv cabinet will do well to complement an already grey home, a practical addition to your lounge so that you can add your TV to it, you’re going to want to make sure you add some form of accent decorations to this piece to allow it not to blend in with the rest of the furniture – since after all the grey wood tv cabinet is potentially another focal point.


Silver Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365

Ornate grey tv cabinet


Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365


Silver Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365

Antique silver tv cabinet

Grey coffee table

Usually the certain point of a living room, grey coffee tables offer a way for you to get practical and decorative furniture in your home all in one piece. Whether you’re picking up a grey gloss coffee table or a grey marble coffee table for your interior, you will be happy making any one of them a featured addition.


Grey Antique French Style Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Grey coffee table


Bergen Cube Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Grey coffee table


Bergen Oval Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Circle coffee table

Grey Side tables

Side tables can be great little pieces for your lounge area if you’re looking to further accentuate the style or add some extra practical space, perhaps a place for your hot coffee or simply for your favourite ornaments.

The side tables and grey round side table which we offer are no short on style and can be easily added to a french style or contemporary living room.


Cookham Butchers Block Grey – HomesDirect365

Grey side table


Bisbee Grey Telephone Table – HomesDirect365

Grey side table bisbee collection


Richmond Lamp Table – HomesDirect365

Grey sidetable with table top space

In the same vein as side tables, we have nest of tables. Just as beautiful, a grey nest of tables can bring about a practical design you never knew you needed. Making them a must-have addition no matter what style of furniture you feature; perfect for your grey living room.


Grey Bergen Nest of Tables – HomesDirect365nest of tables in a grey colour


Richmond Nest of Tables – HomesDirect365

Grey nest of tables


Nest of 2 Tables Hex – HomesDirect365Grey set of tables

Don’t forget about the dining room

Moving on from grey living rooms, one of the areas of the home we’d finally like to mention is the dining room. A place where we can spend a lot of our time with friends and family but one we necessarily don’t think of decorating immediately; lounge and bedrooms usually come before this.

The dining/kitchen area can feature many different colours, this is down to the drawers and worktops which may already be in place as well as the electronic applications that you have previously added.

Because of this, mainly due to the preinstalled drawers – it can be hard to get the complete grey look you seek.

So in this case, we’d recommend doing one of the things we’ve mentioned previously and that is to blend the grey in with another colour such as white to make up a white and grey dining set for instance.

Alternatively, you could feature a white table and grey chairs so that you can add more focused look to this room, ideally you’re wanting to match the whites with other whites in the room, say the walls or ornaments.

Grey dining room inspiration

Just like we’ve done with the previous rooms, we’d like to point out our favourite grey furniture and decor pieces so that you can get that grey look you have always wanted.

Grey dining room table

Adding a modern grey dining room table to your dining area can be a great way of adding a focal point piece to the interior. To further work on this you could make up a grey dining table set when combining grey table and chairs.

Vermont 5 Piece Dining Set – HomesDirect365Grey dining table set

Grey dining chairs

To put with your grey dining room chair, grey dining room chairs can help to further emphasise the feel you’re going for. However they are not necessary to complete the grey look; if you’ve already got a grey dining table in place, they can make for a great addition nonetheless.

Finchley Dining Chair – Set of 4 – HomesDirect365

Grey set of dining chairs


Elliot Dining Chair – HomesDirect365

Modern grey chair


Rex Grey Dining Chair – Set of 2 – HomesDirect365

Grey dining chair

Grey Cabinet

Another way to get the grey kitchen diner you have always wanted is by welcoming in extra storage like a grey cabinet. Offering you a place to add your favourite ornaments and photo frames, a large grey cabinet from our range of furniture will help get you the desired look.


Grey Cabinet Featuring 4 Drawers – HomesDirect365

Tall dark grey cabinet


Fleur Shabby Chic Display Cabinet – HomesDirect365Grey display cabinet for a lounge

Grey bookcase

Adding either a large grey bookcase to your dining area or one of a small variety can help to give you that desired grey finish. Helping to hold ornaments whether they too feature the grey finish or one of a more accent colour like yellows or blues.

Richmond Tall Bookcase – HomesDirect365

Grey tall bookcase


Grey Elm Wood Bookshelf – HomesDirect365

Unique bookcase finished in grey


Grey Cookham Bookcase – HomesDirect365

Tall grey bookcase

Grey console tables

Lastly, we’d like to offer you a great way of bringing both the grey look and effortless practical style to your dining area. This is in the form of a console table, which can be used all throughout the home but particularly they look great in your dining area.

Etienne 1 Drawer Antique French Style Console Table – HomesDirect365

Single ornate grey console table


Etienne 2 Drawer Antique French Style Console Table – HomesDirect365

2 drawer grey console table


Richmond Two Drawer Console Table – HomesDirect365Dark grey console table


Grey furniture is here to stay.

Whether it’s in the limelight for long or its just a passing trend, there is no denying that furniture featuring beautiful greys and other accent colours are a game-changer when it comes to redesigns and rethinking how your home should look, from personal haven to the communal area that is your lounge or dining room.

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