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What is French Interior Design?

Firstly, in many families, the French design is courageous, elegant and chic. Among many households, it’s very popular and that’s the reason why we, Homesdirect365, still sell it every day. In a lovely home, Rustic French Furniture & French Style Home Accessories never miss out.

Originally inspired by the amazing Provençal homes, French country furniture/architecture often features ruffles, distressed woodwork, blended styles, and both vibrant and subdued shades. The Classic French interior design is loaded with a variety of colours, forms and sizes.

You may ask… when was the French Style Interior Design First used?
After France invaded the first in 1494, it was “imported” from Italy. It took French interior designers a few years to embrace the ideology, but around Louis XIII’s decision (1617 to 1643), the baroque style had already gained strong ground across the nation. The French design ideas for interiors were a huge hit afterwards!

What is it about French Furniture & French Accessories that make it so popular?

French provincial furniture generally relates to parts produced in the 18th century in the provinces and lower French towns, away from Paris. The parts were often easier and more inexpensive adaptations produced for the Parisian monarchy by the luxurious Rococo furniture.

There’s something on French style home accessories, French furnishings, Parisian interior design & French-style interior, which feels so straightforward but hard to play. We sell many French furniture and sell products from mirrors and furniture to decorative accents and a lot of beautiful chandeliers. Whether you insert it in your home or use it for inspiration, we can help you attain your fashion interior goals.

Since the beginning, French furnishings have been popular longer than you think! Some individuals consider it to be a vintage style, but it can be put in a French-inspired bedroom in a French-style interior design living room anywhere on French mobilization and it can still create a lovely feeling throughout your home.

Crushed Velvet Antique French Style Bed

Antique French Style Bookcase

Antique French Style 8 Branch Chrome Shallow Chandelier

What would be the best colour for French Interior?

If you are looking for a more initial and neurologic atmosphere, we have a lovely array of furniture & accessories to help you receive that. The smooth, romantic interior design French country style appearance is supplied with neutral colours. Painted with light greige–beige and grey wall, add creamy whites with pale pink, yellow, red or blue accents.

Personally, neutral colours offer a lovely impact and sometimes with French furniture, they look so lovely. Entering your inner home with that easy, generic feeling. We have a lot of ranges with a soft, French touch that can ensure you will not be disappointed with. It all depends on your preference & what your existing interior looks like.

Rococo Collection

Estelle Collection

But on the other side of the road, bold colours are the way you want to push your mood. Peacock blue, teal, emerald green, red shade — in French interior design nothing is unlimited. The traditional fabrics in French homes combine well with basic pleas, checks and stripes. Provencal prints combine the main shades of green, lavender, and orange.

When it comes to colour, there is a lot of space for flexibility. Let the palette you choose dictate your character. Although you want the vintage, shabby and chic style, if bold & in your face, are your thing, we have the best ranges for you.

La Rochelle Black Collection

Baroque Gold Leaf Collection

What brings out a French Interior?

Living in Paris is the dream right? I mean, you got the Eiffel Tower, the Museum of the Louvre, the Notre-Dame. Lots of lovely landscapes? But we can still take the French design right on our doorstep, even living right where we are. They’re a lot of ways you can bring out your French interior. It could be from French colour, accessories, furniture or even design. They are a lot of distinct ways to make your home stand out depending on who you are and what your finest interior styles are.

Possibly try adding a lovely chandelier? A lot of French compliments such as accessories for a French glamour interior design? If you’re a very vintage and shabby chic individual, I’m sure it’ll help you decide. Why not add to your home a beautiful over-dimensional French mirror? I’m sure that certainly will stand out and turn the head whilst showing off your French-themed interior design. I mean, after all, I guess Classic Parisian style flats constructed in the mid- to late-19th century tend to have a conventional characteristic — a fireplace, often decorated with an opulent mirror, which is a perfect example to do that.

Carved Louis Cream Antique French Style Wall Mirror

Vienna Chandelier

Perhaps you could add some lovely accessories such as candle holders, clocks, mannequins, plates and hangings etc. Here at Homesdirect365, we give a number of these in many colours, forms and sizes.

Minimalism is a good option if you want a subtle French hint of the house. But don’t be afraid that there will be plenty of room space – use colour and texture to tell the story. Choose items you’re going to love and enjoy every day. As the French are doing it: a lovely place to have long chats about wine, stylish, beautiful, inspired French kitchen accessories. Choose the most common colours as used by the French to comfort shabby, chic vibes.

Set Of Three Lanterns With Heart Cutout

Keep it lighter or fresh with white or pale walls and ceilings, then choose colours inspired by the rural character: sunny yellows, greens on meadows and red pops. Unconsciously, the use of colours like rust and antique white adds a historic sensation.


French Accessories & Furniture is the ideal option for anyone! Nothing can be denied that French furniture and French accessories are a great hit when it comes to redesigning and rethinking your home giving it a beautiful French Country interior design. Whether you’re wanting to change your beautiful French furniture or want to rehabilitate your home.

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