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We all have unwanted clutter around our home. Whether it is in the Living Room, The Bedroom, The Dining room, or all of the above… These are often important items that don’t need to be binned, they simply need to be stored in a neat and tidy way.

A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Well, this problem can be solved by just adding Homes Direct 365 Storage Trunks to your home. De-cluttering will improve the living conditions in the home – making a de-stressed environment, and even decrease the dust and dirt that can gather around unsorted items.

If you are looking for some storage trunk ideas then keep your eyes peeled… we have just the thing. Storage trunks can be used to conceal untidy looking items (like dog toys, shoes, slippers…) Those everyday items that are needed, but not required to be seen when not in use!

Shoe Storage Ideas

Large storage trunks also store everything safely, especially if you have young children, or nosy animals on the prowl. These storage trunks will help to keep items out of harms way. These storage trunks are also perfect to use as shoe storage, if ever you need any shoe storage ideas.

4 Drawer Luggage Trunk

Drawer Storage Trunk

Why Do We Need Storage Boxes? – Pros & Cons

Storage boxes can be used for a great many purposes, one important use for this is moving house, or, simply, storage. Plastic storage boxes are lightweight, simple to pack, stack and label.

Storage boxes with lids are a great idea if you have limited room, and want to utilise space in the most efficient way possible. Storing items out of sight, safely and compactly, without actually having to get rid of the item has never been easier.

You can purchase many distinct storage trunks to suit your needs and space. For instance, storage trunks for bedrooms, storage trunks for living rooms, etc. We also love the idea of under bed storage boxes, which again, maximise space in a room, whilst also optimising storage options.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you are looking for a super modern alternative – mirrored cube storage boxes are very much in at the moment, and also serve as decoration. This is what we think is great about these items. They are also highly stylised and decorative, yet also, super functional. They look perfect in a bathroom as they are super contemporary.

Silver & Black Storage Box (Set of 4)

Set Of 3 Assorted Colors Storage Trunks

No More Storage Wars

Have you ever been picturing the perfect style, shape and colour of an item that would fit with your home, and then went to the store and found they do not have it? It can be frustrating when stores don’t have just what you want. But don’t start the storage wars just yet!

Homes Direct365 can assist you and assure you we will have the style of storage you will need in your home. We have an abundant choice of storage, rich in colour, styles and shape options.

We have a broad variety of storage trunks, and there are some of our styles we know you will love:

Retro storage trunks

Storage trunks set of 3

Wooden storage trunks

Metal storage trunks

Unique storage trunks

Decorative storage trunks

Small storage trunks

Wicker baskets

Alternatively, though, if none of these suit your aesthetic and you need more storage options – or even something that is more secure; we have another group of products that are for you. We offer a range of small storage trunk with lock, stacking storage trunks, small storage chest trunk, coffee table storage box, storage box with lid, storage trunk organizer & many more that you can view on our site Homesdirect365.

Set Of 3 Storage Trunks

Wicker Merchant Bench & 3 Trunks

Grand Safari – Trunks – Set of 3

Baskets & Boxes

Introducing: baskets & boxes. These items create excellent alternative contemporary storage, one of the best thing about baskets, is their exquisite finish, as well as being highly practical.

We have many distinct kinds of storage baskets & boxes made of wicker, coloured gold, wood & metal. These will certainly create a lovely warmth and feel to the home. Our Wooden Storage boxes also give a lovely rustic feel, which is incredibly homely.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

High Quality, Durable and long lasting, our selection of Wicker baskets and wicker storage options will not disappoint. There is something so special about the natural material that makes a house a home, and that is certainly true with our range of Baskets and Boxes. They are also fantastic looking in a bedroom space, maybe to place clothes in. Totally shabby chic and rustic looking!

Wicker Merchant Set Of 3 Trunks

Small Gold Beehive Storage Box

Declutter Your Life & Declutter Your Mind

Did you know that decluttering has been scientifically proven to reduce stress? It can also increase your mood, make you sleep better & it also makes you feel a lot more creative.

I’m sure anyone with a jam packed cupboard or completely bursting wardrobe can testify that clutter causes stress… right?

Whether it’s time for a Spring clean, or maybe its the midst of Winter… I think its time we get our clutter under control once and for all!

Decluttering is something we all need to think about and you can get the greatest outcomes with these storage trunks. They are very convenient & handy around the home, and can have many uses over their lives.

You might be asking what is the best storage trunk for me? What is best for my current interior? Don’t worry, we have a huge range of styles, colours and sizes, from small storage trunks, to large storage units. From storage baskets to specialised shoe storage! We have it all


As you might have guessed, here at Homesdirect365 we love to enjoy the thrill of buying furniture, and watching our customers find the perfect items that fit in with their homes. We know furniture hunting can be stressful, but our team is here to help you through this journey, and most importantly, make furniture buying fun!

We are an excellent furniture & accessories company and we hand select and curate our products to be the finest quality, so they are perfect for our customers for generations to come.

Each & every item is really carefully hand crafted and quality checked by our furniture experts. Storage trunks have always been a fantastic hit, perhaps because they are super functional, and stylish.

It’s not nice for anyone to have a lot of clutter. Use these storage trunks to create a more attractive looking, smarter, and less cluttered room in your home. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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