Cosy Ideas to Make Your French Home Feel More Homey and Inviting

Most of our free time – after an intense day, on the weekends, and during the holidays, we spent at home. This is the place where we get comfortable and relaxed, have our warm evenings, family dinners, we pamper ourselves, and, of course, take care of us and close ones.

No matter a house or a flat, small or big, leasehold or your own, your home should bring you a sense of comfort and peace. Your abode is the sacred personal space where to let stress out and prep for a fresh start of the day.

When you put something from your soul in your property to make it cosy and warm, it will truly feel like home.

So, here we have gathered a handful of simple, yet creative ideas to help you transform your crib to your taste.

1. Use French Mirrors to Set a Welcoming Entryway

Use french mirrors create an inviting entryway so you and your guests feel the homey vibes the moment you step inside the property. French wall mirrors are a beautiful addition to make people feel at home. If spacy enough, it’s best to think of well-tucked floor-standing french mirror. Not a must but keep it tidy and neat. 

To build the nice atmosphere, hang artwork with greeting, memorable and inspirational quotes, maybe a custom star map or coat hanger. Place a basket for umbrellas or maybe even a creative key holder that you made on your own. Make your own exhibitions by displaying photos that capture dear moments, paintings, or artworks. Put them in interesting frames, some of which can be a DIY project. Souvenirs and holidays cards sprinkled around the house are one more cosy idea.Take a look at the wall plaques & hangings from Homes Direct 365. The next best idea:

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Hanging Tiffany pendant Lights.

Browse the rest of our rich collection of home lighting:Chandeliers, Cut Glass Chandeliers, Contemporary Lighting, Lantern Lighting, Table Lamps & Candelabras, Neon Lights, and Outdoor Lighting.

2. Take Care of Chilly Feet

Another great tip is to leave a pair of playful slippers nearby. Think of fluffy pets, superheroes or any other favourite theme you have? You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you put your cosy footwear on.

Snuggly slippers are not just an accessory.

Snuggly slippers keep your feet and soul warm.

3. Consider Rugs and Mats

Cute soft rugs are a great way to further take care of cold floors and feet.

At Homes Direct 365, there is a variety of rug shapes, colours, and sizes and different styles

Place one next to your bed, in front of the kitchen sink, under your work desk or display cabinet, in the bathroom, etc. Just imagine the gentle and warm touch of soft and cosy carpeting throughout your home.

Besides, a fancy rug is a lovely addition that can complement your home decor. Make it the focal point in any room by experimenting with size, colour, and fabric.

4. Keep Air Fresh and Clean

One of the easiest tricks to create a cosy home is to bring the scent of a delightful aroma. Have you tried essential oils? 

Decades-old essential oils & extracts manufacturer Galen-N Ltd oils are simple to use. Heat up and enjoy the subtle lovely scent. 

  • For cosy winter days, choose drops of orange and cinnamon to bring a sense of warmth and contentment. 
  • If you are in a cheerful mood, diffuse the vanilla scent
  • When you need good rest, opt for lavender essence. It will help you relax and fall asleep with ease. 

There is an impressive variety of essential oils out there. You will have to experiment until you find the one that suits your home and taste.We won’t forget to mention candles, of course. Not only candles release a lovely scent, but they bring charm to your home and are also a great decorative item.

5. Fill Your Home with Plants

Real or artificial, you can’t go wrong with greenery. It’s one of the easiest ways to freshen up your property.

Place leafy and fluffy plants to establish a natural feel thus contribute to a rustic, homey atmosphere. Any kind of succulent species like the ones in the picture above will fit the job and require very little maintenance.

Also, natural plants purify the air and improve your wellbeing.

Bouquets of colourful flowers, placed in beautiful vases from Homes Direct 365 around the house, are an instant mood booster. Make an indoor herb & zen corner in your kitchen. Enjoy garnishing meals with homegrown spice!. And what’s cosier than a delicious home-cooked dish?

6. Choose Soft Lighting

It’s curious that stylish french lighting can influence your emotional well-being and sense of peace and serenity. It’s a great tip to use natural lighting as much as possible during the daytime. If you find it difficult to harvest sunlight, consider hanging more mirrors.

When it gets dark, try to avoid harsh light, like the one from blue coloured bulbs. Instead, pick warm light bulbs.

Give yourself a break from electronic devices during nighttime. They emit blue light which disrupts your sleep cycle. Grab a book instead of your smartphone when you go to bed and you’ll drift away easily.

Once in a while don’t switch on any lamps at all.

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When the night comes, light some candles and sink in an intimate atmosphere.

7. Never Too Many Books

Ah, books! What a wonderful way to bring life to your property and make it a real home! You should definitely place a stylish bookcase and display your favourite books. Even more, arrange some readings on different spots in the abode – on coffee tables, nightstands, decorative storage trunks, the edge of a window.

Just imagine spending a cold day indoors with a gripping book in your hands and a hot drink. A perfect cosy vibe!

8. Amp up Comfort

Gothenburg Sofa – Click To View

Furnishing and comfort experts Recliner Time share the following ideas:

  • Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix different fabrics when it comes to interior. Let natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, leather blend in unique decor features.
  • Throw big cotton, cashmere, or knitted blankets on your bed, sofa, and armchair. It’s so comfy to wrap them around your body when you get chilly or decide to take a quick nap. 
  • Want to make it even comfier? Add various cushions and fluffy pillows to snuggle and cuddle. You’ll rarely want to leave your cosy bed, sofa or couch! 
  • Hang beautiful curtains or drapes on the windows. They help create a fancy setting. Drapes and curtains provide warmth and make the rooms more hospitable.
  • The kitchen is one of the usual spots for gatherings. Enliven it up by putting together a coffee or tea station and prepare great hot beverages. Your guests will enjoy them and feel welcomed.
  • Another way to spruce up your kitchen is to decorate the dining table with an elegant cutlery set combined with a colourful and clean tablecloth. 
  • Take care of your French bedroom wellness. Home is where you should feel most relaxed and have good sleep, so be sure that your mattress provides complete comfort. You’ll sleep like a baby if you choose cotton or sateen sheets for summer nights and flannel or jersey during wintertime.
  • Create a relaxing living room by finding the perfect comfortable sofa. Consider the size of the room and select a sofa that won’t visually clutter the space. If you choose a smaller one, get a stool to rest your feet on or buy some cute bean bags for extra seats when you have guests.

The bathroom is where you get fresh and pamper, so improve it up by hanging a vivid and fun shower curtain. After showering, wrap yourself in nice soft towels to get warm and comfortable. If possible, choose fancy organic bathroom cosmetics to treat yourself and your guests.

9. Add a Personal Touch to the Property

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What a better way to make your house or apartment homey and cosy than to decorate it with items that are precious to you?

You can even create your own piece of furniture or buy a vintage one

Look into different bed frame size and decorate the bedroom shabby!

Decorate with belongings that have meaning to you. This brings life and excitement to the premise.

10. Buy or Adopt a Pet

Yes, pets can sometimes be messy, noisy, and mischievous. But don’t let this stop you from getting one. A new friend like a kitten or a puppy will bring happy memories and love to your place and transform it into a home!

Final remarks

We hope that we’ve inspired you to add a personal touch to the property you live in and turn it into a comfortable place where you share lovely moments with family and friends. There’s no certain recipe for creating a home but the secret is to follow your inner voice and preferences

Cosy Ideas to Make Your French Home Feel More Homey & Inviting
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Cosy Ideas to Make Your French Home Feel More Homey & Inviting
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