40 Display Cabinet Ideas

Storage doesn’t have to be boring. While practical storage solutions are always a necessary part of designing a home and hiding away clutter, a display cabinet can give you storage space while also allowing you to showcase your style as well as your favourite items while creating a stunning focal point for any room.

And there are so many different options out there for display cabinets that you can truly have the opportunity to get creative and make your display a little bit of art. Before you decide on the right display cabinet to you, think about the space that it is going to be placed in and what you are going to put in your display cabinet. A glass display cabinet or one with mirrors can give extra light to a room, for example. At Homesdirect365, you can find display cabinets in all sorts of shapes and sizes that can fit into awkward spaces or that can add to the design style choices that are already present in your room. Read on for 40 display cabinets that can suit any home.

40 Display Cabinets for Any Home

Open Display Cabinets

If you want your display cabinet to really feel like part of the room, then finding one without any front at all can mean that they almost feel like shelving, with the added benefit of being free-standing so that you can move the room around whenever you want. They can also help your room to feel less cramped and airier.

1) Kielder Display Unit

This display cabinet is made of planked and jointed solid oak, which gives it a contemporary feel with clean lines. There is nothing old-fashioned or frumpy about this display cabinet, so you’re looking for a cabinet with a modern twist, this would be perfect for you.

It has four shelves, each of which have been split vertically in two in a deliberately asymmetrical fashion. This helps to add to the modern yet classic feel of the display cabinet while also maximising the amount of space you have to display your objects.

Kielder Display Unit

2) Nova Open Display Unit Silver

If you’re looking for something truly modern, this display cabinet could be just the thing. It is completely open and has a chrome frame with glass shelves which gives it a clean and modern look. Not only that but the shelves themselves are part of the art of this piece, with their criss-cross design.

This display cabinet can help to tie a modern room together while also creating a unique and inspiring focal point on which to display all of your most beautiful possessions.

Nova Open Display Unit Silver

3) Pippard Open Display Unit Champagne

Continuing with the theme of eye-catching shelf design, this open display cabinet has four asymmetrical off-set shelves with a main bevelled mirror shelf running across the middle of the cabinet.

The frame is made of metal but its champagne colour means that it has less of an industrial/futuristic look and more of a soft contemporary one.

Pippard Open Display Unit Champagne

4) Santorini Open Display Unit Gold

Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to make your room as decadent as possible and this display cabinet will add an extra layer of luxury onto any space. It is made of a gorgeous gold-coloured metal frame and its off-set shelves are arranged with an art deco feel.

This display cabinet is guaranteed to draw the eye of any visitor to your home and it will only add to the beauty of the pieces you decide to place on it.

Santorini Open Display Unit Gold

5) Carbury Open Display Unit

Ladder shelving has become quite popular as an alternative to traditional shelving or as a bookcase and it also works well as a different twist on a display cabinet. The beauty of ladder shelving is that the construction is stripped back enough that the pieces you are displaying can truly shine. And the shelves look fresh and stylish.

Carbury Open Display Unit

6) Putney Open Display Cabinet

If your home has more of an urban contemporary feel, you might be worried about cluttering up the place with a fussy glass display cabinet. But you don’t have to worry about that if you pick this cabinet up. It is sleek, sophisticated, minimalist, and pretty cool.

It has four black shelves with a modern angular design and is the frame is in a paired-down black metal.

Putney Open Display Cabinet

7) Kingham Open Display

This display cabinet plays with the expected shape to give an eye-catching and current twist on a classic piece of furniture. The bottom three shelves are full-sized and reach across the width of the cabinet but the top two shelves are staggered to give the cabinet its unusual shape.

It has an oak finish to give it a warm and welcoming feel that will easily fit into a wide range of room designs.

Kingham Open Display

8) Medium Logan Gold Ladder Display Unit

This is a twist on the ladder shelving trend that adds an extra sense of creativity to the idea. Rather than neutral colour wood placed against the wall at the angle, this cabinet uses a stable pyramid shape with just a hint of “ladder”. It’s a fun nod at the trend while adding that extra creative element to the mix.

Not only that but it is made out of gold-coloured metal with glass shelves which take it to a completely different place than the usual.

Medium Logan Gold Ladder Display Unit

9) Hexagon Chrome & Glass Display Unit

If you’re the sort of person who loves to stand out from the crown and want to add some of your personality to your living space, this display unit could be just up your street. It is made of chrome and glass, which gives it a clean and modern feel, but the thing that’s going to catch your eye is its shape. After all, who needs rectangles when you can have a hexagon?

Hexagon Chrome & Glass Display Unit

10) Rothbury Display Unit Bronze

This charming display cabinet is sophisticated but understated at the same time. Your ornaments, plants, photographs, or other objects that you want to display will get their chance to shine against this elegant backdrop.

Its shelves are four made of bronze and are segmented in an interesting but not ostentatious way. Instead, the design is simple with a lovely sense of balance and class.

Rothbury Display Unit Bronze

Open Display Cabinets with Extra Storage

For many people, the ideal display cabinet has enough open shelving to be able to showcase your ornaments and other objects but with an extra bit of storage to help with reducing clutter. But you don’t always have to have glass doors. You can still have the bright and open shelving with some built-in cupboard space alongside it.

11) Milano 2 Door Open Display Cabinet

This Scandinavian mid-century design display cabinet will help you to create a welcoming and contemporary space. It has three levels of box shelving, with each shelf divided into two boxes, and it also has two simple and sleek cupboards at the bottom.

The wooden structure will help to make your house feel natural and bright and the extra storage will come in handy everywhere from the dining room to the living room or even the office.

Milano 2 Door Open Display Cabinet

12) Ripple 2 Door Open Display Unit

The overall structure of this display cabinet is similar to the previous one: six open box shelves at the top of the cabinet and two cupboards at the bottom. But that’s where the similarity ends. The design of this cabinet gives a very different look to your living space. It is made of solid mango wood in a dark modern colour and the cupboard doors have a ripple effect to them. These design elements are offset by the eye-catching gold base and legs.

Ripple 2 Door Open Display Unit

13) Cambourne 1 Door Display Unit

Its contemporary and eye-catching design means that this display unit will always look like an inspired choice for your living space. It has a Sonoma oak effect and the shelving is arranged in a unique and abstract style. It also has a small cupboard at the bottom that is ideal for gaining that extra storage space.

Cambourne 1 Door Display Unit

14) Madrid Open Display Cabinet

If you’re looking for a cabinet that will fit in a variety of spaces and decor then this could be just the one for you. It is simple and fresh without imposing itself on the room so the pieces you display on it will be able to stand out.

It has four open display shelves and two discreet and spacious cupboards at the bottom so you do have the best of both worlds.

Madrid Open Display Cabinet

15) Fir Wood Wheeled Shelves

These wheeled display shelves are in a simple industrial design that will showcase your style without overtaking the rest of the room. And they can be easy to manoeuvre into a different position if you’re the sort of person who likes to mix up your layout every now and again. the four shelves are spacious, giving you plenty of room to place all of your favourite things on display.

Fir Wood Wheeled Shelves

Glass and Closed Display Cabinets

The glass display cabinet is a classic image that can help to brighten up any home. The beauty of keeping your favourite collection of pieces behind a glass door is that they are less likely to get dusty which makes keeping everything clean a whole lot easier. And you can be sure that they aren’t going to accidentally get knocked onto the floor. The glass also helps to reflect light back into your room which can make even smaller spaces look bright, airy, and bigger.

16) Mirrored Champagne 1 Drawer 4 Shelf Display Cabinet

This glass display cabinet is decadent and stylish. It has four shelves and a drawer at the bottom for extra storage space. It is in a beautiful architectural shape and is a sophisticated white and champagne colour. The glass door opens up to the shelves with a mirrored back, which helps to maximise the extra light that the cabinet gives to your room. Better yet, it comes in a left and right opening so you can mix and match more than one piece to completely suit your layout and design.

Mirrored Champagne 1 Drawer 4 Shelf Display Cabinet

17) Tall Industrial Cabinet

If you are searching for more of an industrial feel for the room your display cabinet will be placed in, this industrial-style cabinet will be perfect for you. It is made of natural wood with a metal mesh door that looks like it has been taken off an industrial locker. There are four roomy shelves inside and, overall, this cabinet will sit perfectly amongst an industrial decor.

Tall Industrial Cabinet

18) Large Metal Display Cabinet

Are you on the search for a display cabinet that is large enough to contain all of your most favourite pieces? If so, this super-sized grey metal display cabinet would work really well. It incorporates a lot of the different style elements that we have mentioned so far, with some open shelving as well as two closed-display cupboards with mesh doors, plus two drawers for extra storage. Versatility really is the name of the game with this display cabinet and there is so much versatility with how it can be filled that it can help you to unleash your creative side.

Large Metal Display Cabinet

19) Huxley Pine 1 Door 2 Drawer Glass Display Unit

Sometimes a classic display cabinet is a perfect choice for your space, and this one fits the bill. It is made of pine and has four shelves behind a glass door with two drawers underneath for storage. If you were asked to imagine a glass display unit, you will probably picture one almost exactly like this, and it’s a design that just works.

Huxley Pine 1 Door 2 Drawer Glass Display Unit

20) Juliette Shabby Chic Display Unit

This glass display cabinet is perfect for a light and airy shabby chic living space. It has three shelves behind a grille glass door and a drawer underneath for extra storage. And it is coloured a gorgeous antique white with contrasting natural wood elements. This display unit will make you smile every time you walk into the room.

Juliette Shabby Chic Display Unit

21) Grey Display Cabinet

This display cabinet has plenty of space for you to present all of your favourite possessions and accessories and it is also in a modern and industrial style that will easily become a focal point of the room. It is made of solid grey metal and has three industrial-style pull-out metal drawers at the bottom. Above that, there are two shelves behind glass doors that have a diamond grille design in grey.

Grey Display Cabinet

22) Grey Metal 3 Door Glass Industrial Cabinet

Most display cabinets use the space vertically but if you are looking for a shorter display cabinet that uses horizontal space instead, this grey metal cabinet will work perfectly. It is a simple and practical structure that has plenty of display space for all of the pieces you want to show. Made of grey metal but with patterned glass doors, this cabinet gives you that industrial feel but in a slightly softer and less harsh manner.

Grey Metal 3 Door Glass Industrial Cabinet

23) Rustic Cabinet

This cabinet would work equally well in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and more. Its rustic design is warm and welcoming and it has plenty of space for you to fill with your favourite pieces. There are two separate cupboards: a smaller one at the top and a larger one at the bottom that has a separating shelf. Both are enclosed by doors with a metal mesh that works perfectly against the distressed white of the rest of the cabinet.

Rustic Cabinet

24) Kensington Townhouse Cabinet

If you want your display cabinet to showcase your sophisticated style, this could be the perfect option for you. This cabinet screams good taste and is made of a mix of oak wood and birchwood with the contrasting light and dark wood colours helping to make this piece a real talking point. There are three shelves behind glass doors with plenty of space inside for you to place your possessions and there are two small drawers at the bottom for a little extra storage.

Kensington Townhouse Cabinet

25) Black and Antique Gold “Orwell” Wide Side Cabinet

Finding that perfect retro-style piece of furniture that encapsulates both style and function can be quite difficult but this side display cabinet will fit perfectly. It is minimalist and sophisticated, painted in black with antique gold accents. There are two cupboards with mesh doors and antique gold handles that will be perfect for displaying your most beautiful pieces.

Black and Antique Gold “Orwell” Wide Side Cabinet

26) Display Cabinet

This is a true statement piece that will allow you to showcase your personal style with the perfect focal point for your space. It is in a minimalist industrial style and has a grey metal frame. The cabinet is completely circular and places on slim A-line legs. There are four internal shelves staggered at different heights and an open shelf between the legs at the bottom.

Display Cabinet

27) Industrial Display Cabinet

If you are worried about your home getting cluttered, then this display cabinet will solve all of your problems. It has so much hidden storage space in a range of drawers and cupboards but it also has three display elements (two behind glass and one open) so that you can still display your favourite pieces. It is in a bright wooden industrial style that helps it to incorporate both style and function.

Industrial Display Cabinet

28) Drinks Cabinet – Telephone Box Design (Red)

Do you have a quirky style and want your home decorating to reflect that? This London telephone box style drinks/display cabinet will help to show off your unique style ideas. It is in a classic red and it is bound to catch every one of your guests’ eyes. And it is also practical, with four spacious shelves that will fit plenty of your most interesting and treasured possessions.

Drinks Cabinet – Telephone Box Design (Red)

29) Marcella Tall 2 Door Cabinet

This display cabinet is delicate and pretty. It is tall and slim so won’t take up too much floor space but it has a range of storage options within it. There is a centre open shelf and two cupboards. The bottom cupboard is separated by an internal shelf and has a clear glass door. The top cupboard is smaller with a cloudy glass door. The entire piece is in a gorgeous ivory white with a mix of straight lines and beautiful curves.

Marcella Tall 2 Door Cabinet

30) Tall 3 Drawer Industrial Cabinet

If you want to create a lot of extra storage space while also prioritising style and practicality, this cabinet will tick all of your boxes. It is tall and spacious with a large cabinet at the top that has two glass doors as well as three shelves at the bottom. It is in an industrial style with a dark metal frame and it is also on wheels to make rearranging your layout easy and painless.

Tall 3 Drawer Industrial Cabinet

French Style Display Cabinets

French-style furniture is one of those design classics that never go out of style. French-style furniture is usually simple with graceful curves highlighted by beautiful carvings and dainty cabriole legs. A French-style display cabinet will add both charm and grace to any room. It is also a solid piece of furniture that is made to last, while also giving a sense of history.

31) Antique French Style Display Cabinet

This beautiful handcrafted antique French style glass display cabinet will look absolutely charming in any room. It is in an antique white colour and has four shelves behind glass doors, with a lower drawer at the bottom for extra space for storage.

The carving is ornate, attractive, and classic. This display cabinet will give you the extra storage you need while also serving as a gorgeous centrepiece for your room.

Antique French Style Display Cabinet

32) Antique French Style Display Cabinet

This French-style glass cabinet is similar to the previous one but it gives you a lot more storage space. It has two drawers at the bottom for hidden storage (ideal for clutter) and is wider overall so that you have more space to fill the shelves. The glass in the doors has a grille design that truly evokes the French farmhouse.

It is handcrafted and painted an antique white with a distressed finish and its fixtures are a dark metal that pops against the wood backdrop.

Antique French Style Display Cabinet

33) White Antique French Style Display Cabinet

This display cabinet is perfect for people who want a French-style look but with a bit of a modern twist. It mixes French-style aesthetics such as cabriole legs, delicate carving, and beautiful curves with a tiered ladder shape shelving structure. With this cabinet as part of your house decor, you can demonstrate your love of classic design while also showing your contemporary style.

White Antique French Style Display Cabinet

34) Mahogany Antique French Style Display Cabinet

Most of the French style cabinets we have looked at so far have been white but if you’re looking for a darker cabinet with more of a boudoir feel, this one will be perfect for you. It is in a dark mahogany with an antique finish and it has all of the elements that you would expect of a French-style cabinet, with its beautiful curves, delicate carving, and cabriole legs.

There are three shelves behind a glass door and, in fact, the top part of the cabinet has glass panels all the way around. This helps to showcase the pieces you place in it by letting in as much light as possible. At the bottom, there are two drawers with gorgeous carvings to give you that extra bit of storage space.

Mahogany Antique French Style Display Cabinet

Wall Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are great for decorating your space with the option to put your favourite things in pride of place. But there’s no getting around the fact that a lot of the time, they can take up a lot of floor space. This is why wall display cabinets can be the ideal solution for smaller homes or for people who want as much floor space available as possible.

35) Black Wall Cabinet With Archway Shelf Openings

This wall display cabinet is understated but sophisticated. It is in black with subtle gold-trimmed archway openings, though which your possessions will be visible. And it is small enough not to take up too much space.

Black Wall Cabinet with Archway Shelf Openings

36) Antique Gold Leaf Round Wall Cabinet with Glazed Doors

Just because your display cabinet is going to be hung on the wall, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be subtle. This wall cabinet is a true statement piece that will catch the eye of anyone who comes into your home. Its shape evokes an antique clock and this same retro style is there with the glazed doors and distressed gold leaf colouring.

Antique Gold Leaf Round Wall Cabinet with Glazed Doors

37) Industrial Grey Metal Wall Unit

If you are looking to maximise your storage space with your wall display cabinet while also having the option to have everything you place on it on full display, this industrial wall unit will be perfect for you. It is in industrial grey and has a large variety of spacious shelves to give you the versatility of arranging your favourite things exactly how you want.

Industrial Grey Metal Wall Unit

38) Wooden Slider Industrial Wall Cabinet

This laid-back industrial style wall cabinet will look perfect in a range of different room options. It has three shelves in the centre for open display and on either side, there is a cupboard with a grey metal mesh door. The grey metal contrasts nicely with the light fir wood of the rest of the cabinet.

Wooden Slider Industrial Wall Cabinet

39) Drinks Cabinet, Home Bar A Timeless Telephone Box Design

If you love the quirkiness of having a drinks/display cabinet that looks like a London telephone box but you don’t have the floor space to dedicate to it, this wall cabinet option will be perfect for you. It hangs on the wall but still lets you have that perfect quirky centrepiece to your room and it also has plenty of storage space inside.

Drinks Cabinet, Home Bar A Timeless Telephone Box Design

40) Industrial Black Display Wall Cabinet

This display cabinet evokes the Victorian curio cabinet. It is in Industrial black fir wood with two internal shelves behind two tempered glass doors, but what really makes it stand out is the contrasting animal print background. You can almost imagine coming back from an expedition to newfound lands and placing your most interesting finds inside this wall cabinet.

Industrial Black Display Wall Cabinet

The Bottom Line

Display cabinets are not just something your nan used to use. There are now so many different design options available to fit any decor or personal style. Don’t hide away your favourite ornaments and possessions. Find a display cabinet that suits you so that you can incorporate them into your day to day life.

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