Chinese Furniture


What do you know about Chinese furniture design

Homes Direct 365 have a large range of different furniture styles for the home and today we introduce you to our Chinese furniture range. Its not everyday you walk into a home and see Chinese furniture and you certainly don`t have to be Chinese to enjoy this kind of beautifully crafted furniture Chinese furniture designs have evolved over the years. The styles and features of the furniture is adapted from the Qing dynasty. It is categorised into four: the Beijing category, the Guangzhou category, the Shanghai category and the Suzhou category.... Read More


Oriental Style Homes Using Chinese furniture

When creating oriental style homes, using Chinese furniture is therefore essential in reflecting natural affinity. Such an image of tranquil charm and serenity is achieved through this furniture. Since mostly all people are engrossed in an urban and fast-paced lifestyle, it helps coming back home to a serene and peaceful abode allowing you to escape in a never-ending rush. Oriental style homes using Chinese furniture achieve this goal by ushering in balance and harmony. Establishing an Oriental-style and inspired room is better by simply adding different decorations like Chinese furniture.... Read More

Elegant Chinese Furniture at HomesDirect365…

Although we here at HomesDirect365 pride ourselves on our extensive and beautiful ranges of antique French furniture, it's not the only style from around the globe that we offer. With over 7,000 items currently on the website there are vast arrays of colour, finish and style to choose from. This week we would like to put some focus on our handcarved Chinese furniture, filled to the brim with it's own unique stories and history.