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Silver Shabby Chic Single Drawer 29/12/2018
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2019 Home Decorating Trends – Parisian & Shabby Chic

A lot of people wonder what is shabby chic? It is a style of interior decor that uses soft furnishings and accessories to portray a pleasingly old, and slightly used look. While the Parisian style is a mix of classic vintage and contemporary modern designs, the exquisite mix of old and new; such as a sleek and beautiful design is balanced by a vintage feel. These are both popular trends that Homes Direct 365 attend to, with our huge selection of products on our website.   Living Room Decor The... Read More


Turn on your fire its been a cold February!

So then, winters here in February it would seem – do you have your front room set out nice and cosy around the fireplace? “Homes Direct 365” have put together a few items that can help accessorise your fireplace and help make that area more traditional and decorative. This beautiful Antique Cast Iron Log Basket has been made to give an antique used but unique look and creates a wonderful image of the past. You don`t have to have a log-burner to be able to use this item you could just... Read More