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What Goes With Mirrored Furniture?

There are some interior designers who suggest that mirrored furniture has fallen out of style, having been popular since the early 2000s. There are two possible responses to this, the first being; who cares? Interior design comes down to personal choice, and if something makes you happy then what’s to stop you putting it in your home? The second response is that when you look around, mirrored furniture seems to be as popular as ever. It goes to show – industry ‘experts’ don’t always get it right. You create the... Read More

White antique french style display cabinet 17/02/2020

Enhance your home with these display cabinet ideas

Since 1823, when Henry Bishop’s opera Clari (or The Maid of Milan) first proclaimed the famous words “There’s no place like home”, this phrase has been taken to heart. In general, we love our homes, spending an average of £83 billion each year on home improvements in the UK alone. The styles of each home are as different as the people who live in them. We shape our homes around us, making them comfortable in styles that suit us, adding to them over the years as tastes and fashions change.... Read More


Cosy Ideas to Make Your French Home Feel More Homey and Inviting

Most of our free time – after an intense day, on the weekends, and during the holidays, we spent at home. This is the place where we get comfortable and relaxed, have our warm evenings, family dinners, we pamper ourselves, and, of course, take care of us and close ones. No matter a house or a flat, small or big, leasehold or your own, your home should bring you a sense of comfort and peace. Your abode is the sacred personal space where to let stress out and prep for... Read More

18th Century French Furniture 20/11/2019

18th-century Style French Furniture

The 18th century in France. An era of revolution, change of political ideologies, but also clashes in fashion, and design. The 18th century saw the rise and fall of Louis XIV’s reign and the lavish luxury trends it established. Throughout the following years, the country has prosperity and crisis to eventually transform.  Once a vivid monarchy ruled by political absolutism and economic repression, by the end of 1789 royal grandeur, fashion, architecture, and art became bygone. French interior design and furniture during the era are a result of the fascinating... Read More

antique french mirror , french mirror 23/09/2019

French Decor Design Ideas For Interiors – French Designs & French Lifestyle

What is French Interior Design? Firstly, in many families, the French design is courageous, elegant and chic. Among many households, it’s very popular and that’s the reason why we, Homesdirect365, still sell it every day. In a lovely home, Rustic French Furniture & French Style Home Accessories never miss out. Originally inspired by the amazing Provençal homes, French country furniture/architecture often features ruffles, distressed woodwork, blended styles, and both vibrant and subdued shades. The Classic French interior design is loaded with a variety of colours, forms and sizes. You may... Read More

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Grey Furniture – 2020’s hottest trend

It’s official, grey is the new beige! But is this just another passing trend or is it here to stay? We can’t really know for sure, but what we do know is that grey furniture is as beautiful as any other interior design trend that has come about in recent years. And for that reason, we’re going to pin this one as a trend you’re going to want to get in on, joining the rest of the experts and professionals in the industry. This is more apparent if you love... Read More

0% Finance Furniture 11/07/2019

Interest Free Credit / Finance for Luxury Furniture

With Interest Free Credit You Can Own the Luxury Furniture You Dreamed of Today!   Buying furniture is an exciting time; you have a new home and you want to put your own signature on it. Choosing the right furniture is a huge part of this, as it will set the tone and character of your house for years to come. Furniture can be a big investment, especially if you want to add some luxury furniture pieces to your rooms. Investing in good quality furniture is a sensible step as... Read More


Best Makeup Table and Makeup Table Set Up

Makeup tables, or more commonly known as ‘dressing tables’ are an essential part of any woman’s bedroom if they’re looking for their own personal salon. With everything they need in one beautiful place, it’s like having your own personal style station. If you understand how to make space work for you (and if you don’t we are here to help) you can turn this dream into a reality, but only if you follow our guidance which we have laid out for you in this very post. Specially dedicated to women’s... Read More


Where to Place a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom

A simple question that only offers even more questions once answered, since there are a lot of things to be considered when it comes to figuring out where to place a dressing table in your bedroom. Firstly, we’d like to start off by giving you some common and most optimal locations as to where you can place your current or soon to be new dressing table. This will apply to you regardless of how large or how small your bedroom is. Afterwards we’d like to go in depth about a... Read More


15 Small Living Room Ideas for French Interior Design

You spend most of your indoors time in the living room. Because of that, its design must not be neglected, especially if you don’t want to be depressed at all times. Besides looking good, the room must also feel comfy and make you feel at peace. If you’ve ever been impressed by the elegance of French interior and décor, you’d surely be interested in adding the same finesse to your living room. If you’re up for an elegant and iconic design, shares ideas that will help. 1. Add Lighting... Read More