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Antique french garden companion seats 16/01/2017
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Elaborate Furniture Depicting Lower Swags, Garlands & Cherubs

People are always on the lookout for new items to include in their home interiors, especially if they have just moved into a new home, well ironically, the new trend is to go for old looking furniture. Shabby chic furniture is now in demand. The craze of the antique styled furniture has reached the next level.  A worn out look is created and is getting very popular. Experimentation with furniture has attracted people towards new ideas and designs.  The shabby chic decor originated in Great Britain in the post war... Read More

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The Difference Between Shabby Chic And French Furniture

The best furniture is the one that you adore and which compliments your home and your style. Trends change and new kinds of interiors are introduced every now and then. Shabby Chic furniture has created quite a hype these days. Distressed furniture is the ultimate favourite of those who like to experiment with their interiors. But the classic French furniture could never lose its charm for the true admirers. The general perception that shabby chic furniture and French styled furniture is similar to some extent is actually not true. The... Read More

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Items for Shabby Chic Style Interior Design

A shabby chic style is considered by many people as the items incorporated to achieve this style are not only intended for good appeal but for everyday use. This type of style is actually done with the highlight on utility items adding up glamour and brightness to your interior design. There are several items for shabby chic style that can be a part of your home’s interior design. If you are not aware of them, here is the list of some of the valued items for shabby chic style interior... Read More

French Style wardrobe 16/12/2016
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French Furniture: Shabby Chic French Furniture Buying Guide

The lavish nature of French furniture is hard to resist. Over the centuries, the French people have been on the lead in designing ornate and luxurious pieces of shabby chic furniture across the world. These furniture include Chaise Longue, or commonly known as Chaise Lounge in English and the very popular Armoire. Most of these furniture pieces can be traced back to the days of Napoleon Bonaparte in his first appearance in the palace. Part of incorporating French furniture or shabby chic furniture in your home is understanding, which French... Read More

Rococco Range 12/12/2016

French Furniture – Why It is Ideal for Your Home

Feel like king and queen through filling up your home with magnificent pieces of French Furniture. French furniture usually comprises both the most elegant and sophisticated furniture that was made in Paris for the rich upper bourgeoisie, aristocrats, as well as king and court and the French provincial furniture, which was obviously made in provincial towns and cities, many of which retained its cultural identities. The quintessential French furniture is made of sturdy wood that can last for decades. It could be a dressing table, bedside table, dining table or... Read More


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Shabby chic bedroom furniture collection 29/11/2016

A Mixed-Up Shabby Chic World

If you are someone who likes to mix styles, a foundation of shabby chic furniture can work wonders from the start. From there you can bust out while following a few rules that will keep everything in balance. We have the perfect essential building blocks to create a decor that is all your own. Watch the scale Think of the room as a scale on which you’re balancing items of different sizes – you don’t want anything to tilt the room too heavily to one side. A small or delicate... Read More

La Rochelle Antique French Style Monks Bench 25/11/2016

Filling in the Gap With Shabby Chic

Homes must walk a fragile line between clutter and barren space. Finding equilibrium can mean all the difference between comfort and an overly busy home. Managing open space takes a perceptive eye when browsing furniture catalogues. To help with the procurement process we’ve put together a list of shabby chic pieces that’ll make the best use of open spaces without sacrificing comfort. Bergere Antique French Style Cabinet Accompanied by a TV or not, this Bergere antique french style cabinet is perfect for filling the space. An excess of room doesn’t... Read More


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