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Decorative storage trunks you’ll adore

Storage trunks are versatile household items that come in handy for tucking away an array of articles as well as for doubling as décor and as pieces of furniture. These can turn out to be both graceful and functional. Here are some ideas on different kinds of decorative trunks that you’ll love: Decorative storage bench’s & trunks As for storage trunks & benches, you can take your pick from options such as: Coffee Table Storage Trunk Ideal head turner centre piece for your front room our lounge, a cotton covered... Read More

saratoga trunk 04/11/2019

11 Types of Storage Trunks

Keeping organised As well as adding style, and keeping things stored away in your home, Homes Direct 365 storage trunks are also the perfect solution for keeping organised, and travel. You can put away certain items that aren’t needed for a period of time whilst keeping them organised and in order. Today Homes Direct 365 will run through and explain the history, appearance and use of a handful of storage trunks. Coming in many styles with varied practical properties, storage trunks have a vast variation of looks, such as: Jenny... Read More