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Bring the beauty of France to your home with our stunning collection of antique and unique French accessories. We all have a generalised depiction of France, the country connotes passion, romance and not to mention all things chic and beautiful. Take the famous French model, Noemie Lenoir for example; known for her flawless beauty and sweet, flirtatious roles in various TV commercials, Lenoir represents sheer class from head to toe, unquestionably derived from her elegant French background. With such an idyllic reputation, it is clear why even us Brits quite fancy... Read More

Bird Baths Are Back!

Vinnie Jones from Big Brother is a bird lover and created his own bird bath for the Big Brother house. Homes Direct 365 have a exclusive selection of contemporary and traditional bird baths and bird feeders available.

Be Unique!

Homes Direct 365 provide a bespoke furniture service, which allows customers to create individual pieces of furniture or amend existing designs to their needs or style.