The Beauty Of Chandelier Lighting

The chandeliers’ story goes a long way, back when the people used these lighting fixtures to brighten up the halls of big and grand mansions for those lucky enough to witness luxurious evening parties. In the past these illuminations were made of two wooden logs nailed as one to form a cross, wherein the candles were put across the flat wooden surface. Chains made of iron are connected afterwards at the middle and the ends of the cross and then mounted on the hall’s ceiling. Crude as it is compared to what modern chandeliers look... Read More

Lighting Up Your Space

Lighting Up Your Space There are three basic types of lighting to choose from and this decision should not be taken…. lightly. The lighting in your room sets the mood and tone and may even determine the function of the space. Do you want the ambiance to be warm and comfortable? Or does it need to be bright and purposeful? A good lighting plan combines all three types of lighting to illuminate an area according to style and function. The first type of lighting is general lighting or otherwise known... Read More


Chandeliers The word ‘chandelier’ is instantly synonymous with class, elegance and style. Ornate historic hanging lights that are as much about aesthetics as they are practicality. Originating in France, the word chandelier is derived from “chandelle” simply meaning candle holder, which prior to the 16th century was simply a wooden cross consisting of a small spike at the end containing candles as the only form of light. During the 16th century and onwards, chandeliers gradually become a status decoration, generally appearing in the more wealthier households. As time progressed in... Read More

Stay Bright

Fantastic lighting ideas for you! It’s safe to say that we will all miss those long hot sunny days, humid nights and the picturesque view of nature in it’s fullest glowing form. So as summer draws to an end, those dark nights and short days slowly creep upon us. It seems hard to think that before Thomas Edison’s invention of the first incandescent light we where all reliant on candle, gas and oil to bring light in our homes. From the incandescent light came the invention and patent of the... Read More