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The Perfect Furniture Styles This Spring

The Perfect Furniture Styles This Spring What is the perfect way to brighten up your home this season? With Spring into full flow how about updating your house and creating the elegant and stylish bedroom you have always dreamed of. Choosing the right style of furniture for your home can be a challenge for many people. Do you stick to what’s currently in fashion, opt for classic style, give things a more modern & contemporary feel or simply choose something that suits your personal tastes? It’s a good idea to keep on... Read More

The Ultimate Rococo Style…

The Ultimate Rococo Style… There are few items that can truly transform your home, furniture than emanates style, class and ultimate beauty. As one of our most popular and sought after ranges, the Rococo range is the ultimate in antique French furniture… so why French… Think of afternoons in the graceful streets of Paris. A leisurely stroll on the French Riviera as the sun gradually rises, or a hot cafe’ au lait in a Parisian cafe whilst observing the great beauty of a sunset. No one lives as well as... Read More