Modern Homes with a Touch of Rococo

The Rococo style has been known to have some whimsical features to its design. If you are in the middle of transforming your home, a modern feel with a touch of Rococo could be the perfect combination to make that change you’ve been looking for. Adding dashes of French-inspired furniture could take a cold and modern area to a welcoming and warm place. A few tweaks here and there will have you relaxing in a space from the late Baroque period. During this period rooms were designed to avoid right... Read More

Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir

Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir   Shabby chic furniture and décor is known to be romantic with its combination of comfort and serenity. With touches of crown mouldings, natural finishes, expensive and fine furnishings, florals and light and airy colour palettes, recreating a bedroom in this design is simple to do, even on a budget.   First, choose a colour scheme that suits your taste and the overall design of the space. A great colour scheme to begin with is one that emphasises pastels such as pink, yellow, blue,... Read More


French Furniture For The Summer!

French Furniture For The Summer! After a never ending tepid spring, summer is immanently upon us as are the new plethora of ‘in’ colours for your decor this season. From the cosy dark Abraham moon tartan pattern’s of winter and solid warm red’s, this summer is all about the bright ivory’s, creams and an array blues. When the weathers warm outside, there’s no greater indulgence than relaxing in a beautiful and comfortable bedroom filled with bright and wonderfully complimenting colours. A room that reflects your personality. A room that you... Read More

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Italian Mirror Bedroom Furniture

Italian Mirror Bedroom Furniture At Homes Direct we have an extensive range of mirrored bedroom furniture to suit your every bedroom need. All of your mirrored furniture will really brighten up your morning when you open the curtains to find the amount of light within the room has doubled, and it looks almost twice as large as before. For once, you may prefer the view inside the house than outside it. As standard, mirrored furniture is Italian in its roots. However, in the 17th century, many of its citizens left... Read More

Achieving The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom, essentially, should be a quiet place, a calming oasis where tranquil moments by yourself or with a loved one are savored. It’s there, after all, where you drift off night after night, to recharge from life’s everyday stresses. Working on the premise that we spend as much as a third of our lives in slumber, shouldn’t the sleep zone be lavished to the max? A hugely popular aesthetic look, is the antique French or shabby chic bedroom setting, so read on for that perfect bedroom look… Antique French... Read More

Strength To Strength

Strength to Strength We are now well into 2014 and it is already proving to be a record breaking year for retailers! As industry figures show that the UK spent £23bn online in the first quarter – a 17% increase over the year according to industry group IMRG. Internet and mobile shopping is the future… Cash and credit cards won’t be things of the past any time soon, but mobile and internet shopping will definitely contribute a huge amount of the sales reached for businesses and companies alike in 2014.... Read More

Homesdirect365′s Got Talent

Homesdirect365’s Got Talent We are well underway with one of the most highly watched talent shows of the year; as Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden take place and help us choose the coveted winner of this years Britain’s got talent. From past winners such as Attraction and Diversity, talent is always high! So sit back, relax and enjoy in style as we watch Simon Cowell and co filtering out the incredible talent from the… not so incredible! So as we will all no doubt be judging talent... Read More

Antique French Furniture For The Masters

Antique French Furniture For The Masters One of the most prestigious tournaments in golf starts today, come 12.45 GMT time, many will be teeing off in eager anticipation to be awarded the coveted green jacket. Can Adam Scott replicate his form of the 2013 masters and be the first player since Tiger Woods in 2002 to win consecutive master titles? Or will the famous green jacket be destined for a new face? A questions many of us will want answering. So as you get ready to enjoy the next four... Read More

French Furniture – Homesdirect365

Elegance, beauty, sophistication and charm are but a few of the words that are associated when we talk about French furniture. French furniture includes some of the most sophisticated furniture that has ever been produced, from exquisite Baroque furniture to the elegant Rococo furniture. Every piece features strong history within the design and some of the most prominent and luxurious hand carved detailing’s around. The reign of the French king Louis XIV was characterised by the Baroque style. The Versailles Palace and the Louvre were decorated in a strong, dramatic... Read More