Organising Small Spaces with Shabby Chic Furniture

Organising Small Spaces with Shabby Chic Furniture Unless you have your own personal Mary Poppins making the tidying-up seem fun, odds are you have at least a few things littering your living space. In a small house or apartment, though, the clutter can seem to take over. Here are some tips on beautifully organising within a few square metres. When looking to rearrange a room, consider where your functional space is and where it should be. Hooks are great, but if they’re in the middle of a wall that could... Read More

Modern Homes with a Touch of Rococo

The Rococo style has been known to have some whimsical features to its design. If you are in the middle of transforming your home, a modern feel with a touch of Rococo could be the perfect combination to make that change you’ve been looking for. Adding dashes of French-inspired furniture could take a cold and modern area to a welcoming and warm place. A few tweaks here and there will have you relaxing in a space from the late Baroque period. During this period rooms were designed to avoid right... Read More

21st Century Drawing Rooms for Shabby Chic Homes

21st Century Drawing Rooms for Shabby Chic Homes The phrase “drawing room” dates back to the 18th century. After being well fed, ladies and gents would “withdraw” to an open and comfortable setting suitable for after-dinner socialising. It’s generally the part of the house where visitors may be entertained and generally the part of the house that is most furnished. The 18th century drawing rooms held the same pieces as you would find today in a French- inspired space. The classic, modern-day lounging area has some essential pieces that you... Read More

Time To Get Cosy!

Time To Get Cosy! As we are imminently approaching the long cold winter nights, it’s time to get cosy! It’s that time of year when our inner body clocks tell us its time to start winding down on these dark, dark nights. So get battening the hatches and stocking logs for the wood fire burner. With a few of our simple bedroom ideas, we can help you create the ultimate cosy room! Embrace the desire to choose warming colours and don’t be afraid to push for darker colours such as a... Read More

Spruce Up Your Home

Spruce Up Your Home Keeping track of today’s latest furniture trends can be rather challenging at the best of times! Whether you are kept busy with modern day errands or answering a constant influx of emails, your home can often fall victim to the dull clutter that many home owners suffer way to often! So why not follow a few of our simple hints and tips to help brighten and spruce up your home. Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones. In the bedroom,... Read More

A Perfect Nights Sleep

A Perfect Nights Sleep Many of today’s modern design trends involve big, bold, and bright colours with crazy patterns, but that doesn’t mean these warm summer days won’t put many of us in the soft pastel mood! This September our collection is all about simplistically with a hint of antique French and shabby chic style infused. Featured above we have our brand the collection, the Brittany collection; A masterpiece in romance, this bedroom collection enjoys touches of traditional detailing to create a range perfect for homes wanting a period touch.... Read More

Summer Antique French & Shabby Chic Furniture For Your Home!

Get That Shabby Chic Or French Appeal Make your home as welcoming as possible. This summer season we offer our take on the new warm trends to help you create your own warm, welcome and cosy space. Search our website to find plenty of inspiration and new ideas for a fresh start for summer 2015. Go ahead and create a home environment tailored to suit your individuality. Antique French or shabby chic?… perhaps a bit of both… If you are looking for something unique for your home, then follow our short... Read More

It’s All About The Small Things!

Accessorize your home today with all the small things… As we look to exemplify style and elucidate all four corners of your wonderful home, what do we think of? We instantly think of the larger furnishings; beds, wardrobes, sofa… however… it’s all about the small things! In the south of France located near the commune of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, one of the most monumental human discoveries was made by accident. Air coming up from a small gap in the cliffs. This suggested that originally life previously existed, buried deeply beneath fallen rocks... Read More